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Showman Berlusconi makes ignominious exit

Barry Moody Reuters 14.11.2011
Showman Berlusconi makes ignominious exit

Silvio Berlusconi dominated Italy for 17 years with a unique mix of political talent and brazen behavior but in the end the born showman was humiliatingly jeered from office, brought down by pressure from abroad.

Protesters in Egypt call on military to leave power

Several thousand protesters in Cairo called on the ruling military on Friday to promptly transfer power to a civilian government and exclude old regime figures from politics.

Iran scoffs at US 'contradictions' in dialogue offer

Iran on Saturday dismissed a renewed US offer of dialogue by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying the "contradictions" of pursuing talks at the same time as threats undermined the proposal.

Brazil ex-president Lula diagnosed with throat cancer

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been diagnosed with throat cancer, a hospital where the ex-leader went for medical exams said Saturday.

Fist fight breaks out in Italian parliament

Italian deputies exchanged blows in parliament on Wednesday as tensions over a tough economic reform program came to a head.

Venezuela's Chavez declares himself free of cancer

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez declared himself cancer-free on Thursday, four months after surgery to remove a malignant tumor that shook the South American nation ahead of a 2012 presidential election.

Hugo Chavez's Former Doctor Predicts Venezuelan Leader Has Two Years to Live

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez likely has less than two years to live, his former doctor said, as the ailing firebrand traveled to Cuba for a checkup following cancer treatment.

Middle East Prisoner Swap Is Under Way

Vehicles carrying Palestinian prisoners have started leaving jails in Israel in return for the freedom of a captured Israeli soldier.

Vladimir Putin lays out case for Kremlin return

Gleb Bryanski and Steve Gutterman Reuters 18.10.2011
Vladimir Putin lays out case for Kremlin return

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin laid out his case for a return to Russia's top office in a televised interview on Monday, casting himself as the best guarantor of a bright future in a country haunted by upheaval in the recent past.

Venezuela blocks Chavez rival's presidential bid

Venezuela's Supreme Court effectively blocked high-profile opposition challenger Leopoldo Lopez on Monday from running against President Hugo Chavez in a 2012 vote, rejecting an international court ruling that called the government's disqualificat...

Rome counts costs of worst street violence in years

Rome's worst street violence in years injured 135 people and caused damage of one million euros ($1.4 million) to public property, officials said on Sunday, as the clashes ignited a political row.

Saudi king hospitalised for new back operation

Saudi King Abdullah was hospitalised for a new back surgery in Riyadh, following two similar operations last year in the United States, the SPA news agency early Monday.

Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi wins confidence vote

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has won a key confidence vote in parliament, sparked by questions over his handling of the economy and personal scandals.

Afghanistan obstructs graft probes

Afghanistan obstructs graft probes

A major investigation into an influential Afghan governor accused of taking bribes has been shut down and its top prosecutor transferred to a unit that doesn't handle corruption cases, Afghan and U.S. officials said.

Argentine president poised for re-election: polls

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has a massive lead over opponents two weeks before a presidential election and looks set to win more than 50 percent of the vote, two polls showed on Sunday.

Syria warns against recognition of opposition council

Syria threatened Sunday to retaliate against any country that formally recognizes a recently established opposition National Council which is seeking international support for the six-month-old uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

Iran calls Wall Street protests 'American Spring'

An Iranian military commander said Sunday that the protests spreading from New York's Wall Street to other U.S. cities are the beginning of an "American Spring," likening them to the uprisings that toppled Arab autocrats in the Middle East.

Chavez slams "horrible repression" of U.S. protests

Enrique Andres Pretel Yahoo! News Canada 10.10.2011
Chavez slams "horrible repression" of U.S. protests

Socialist firebrand Hugo Chavez condemned on Saturday the "horrible repression" of anti-Wall Street protesters and termed a Republican presidential candidate "crazy" for his criticism of Cuba and Venezuela.

Francois Hollande leads French left's presidential primary

Moderate left-wing candidate Francois Hollande led in a primary vote for the French Socialist Party's presidential nomination on Sunday, bolstering his position as the favorite to unseat conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy in April.

Venezuela's Chavez to seize homes and hotels for the poor

Simeon Tegel The Independent 08.10.2011
Venezuela's Chavez to seize homes and hotels for the poor

Venezuela president Hugo Chavez's policy of nationalising strategic private businesses has taken a new twist with his announcement that his government will expropriate hotels and holiday homes at an upmarket Caribbean resort.

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