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Carnival group hit by fire cheered in Rio parade

JULIANA BARBASSA Yahoo! News 07.03.2011
Carnival group hit by fire cheered in Rio parade

Strutting in a rainbow of glittering colors, Rio's samba groups opened two days of Carnival parades with a dazzling show that included a rousing welcome for one of the elite bands that lost most of their elaborate costumes and floats in a fire las...

North Korea asking poor Africa nations for food

North Korea is pleading for food aid even from some of the world's poorest nations such as Zimbabwe, a report has said, amid suspicion the aid may be used to boost the regime's political standing.

Playing dead: The sickening video that shows children recreating suicide bomber attacks as a playground game [VIDEO]

A shocking video has emerged from Pakistan depicting children role-playing a Taliban suicide bombing. The 84-second clip shows Pashtun children recreating a terrorist attack, with one boy dressed in black - the 'bomber' - being embraced and wished...

More Than 140,000 People Flee Libya

Lisa Schlein VOA News 01.03.2011
More Than 140,000 People Flee Libya

The United Nations refugee agency says over the past 10 days, more than 140,000 people have fled to Egypt and Tunisia from Libya. The UNHCR says tens of thousands of people are stuck at the borders and in urgent need of help.

Brazil power cable accident during parade kills 17

At least 17 people have died in a small Brazilian town after a live power cable broke and fell into a crowd of people enjoying a pre-Carnival street party.

Pirates who killed four Americans on hijacked yacht claim U.S. Navy fired on them first

The U.S. military today reacted with fury after the pirates who killed four Americans claimed the Navy shot at them first.Jean and Scott Adam, from California, were killed alongside Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle from Seattle, Washington, in the ear...

Pakistan Islamists warn of protests if U.S. prisoner freed

An influential Pakistani Islamist party accused the United States on Tuesday of riding roughshod in the case of a U.S. consular employee held over the killing of two Pakistanis and said it would hold protests if he is freed.

Italy govt declares "humanitarian emergency"; Nearly 1,000 Tunisian migrants reach Italy overnight

Nearly 1,000 people escaping turmoil in Tunisia landed on an Italian island overnight on Sunday after the government declared a wave of illegal immigrants a humanitarian emergency.

Malaysian states plan Valentine's Day crackdown

Several Malaysian states are planning a crackdown on "immoral acts" during Valentine's Day as part of a campaign to encourage a sin-free lifestyle, an Islamic party leader Wednesday.

Fearful Russian lawmaker flees to US

Douglas Birch Yahoo! Finance 06.02.2011
Fearful Russian lawmaker flees to US

A wealthy Russian lawmaker has fled with his family to the United States, where he says he fears assassination over accusations that some of Russia's richest and most influential people swindled him in a real estate deal. Back home, he's been char...

Brazil looks at adding 'happiness' to constitution

MARCO SIBAJA My Way News 03.02.2011
Brazil looks at adding 'happiness' to constitution

In a nation known for its jubilant spirit, massive parties and seemingly intrinsic ability to celebrate anything under the sun, is a constitutional amendment really required to protect the pursuit of happiness?

Stanley Ho Hospitalized for ‘Routine Procedure’ Amid Lawsuit

Debra Mao and Marco Lui 01.02.2011
Stanley Ho Hospitalized for ‘Routine Procedure’ Amid Lawsuit

Billionaire Stanley Ho was taken to a hospital today, intensifying the sense of urgency surrounding a dispute over control of his stake in Asia’s biggest casino company.

Nora Sun

Nora Sun, a former U.S. trade consul and granddaughter of the founder of Asia's first republic in China, has died in Taipei from injuries sustained in a car accident. She was 72.

The Day of Rage: Thousands clash with police as protests boil over on streets of Egypt and Lebanon

Thousands of anti-government protesters inspired by the Tunisian revolution clashed with riot police in the centre of Cairo today demanding the overthrow of president Hosni Mubarak. Police responded with water cannon and attacked crowds with baton...

Egyptian, Algerian, Mauritanian set selves alight

HAMZA HENDAWI Yahoo! News 18.01.2011
Egyptian, Algerian, Mauritanian set selves alight

Protesters set themselves on fire in Egypt, Mauritania and Algeria on Monday in apparent copycat self-immolation attempts inspired by the act that helped trigger a popular uprising in Tunisia.

Brazil flood death toll rises to 443, more feared

Sergio Queiroz Yahoo! News 14.01.2011
Brazil flood death toll rises to 443, more feared

Rescue workers dug desperately for survivors on Thursday and struggled to reach areas cut off by floods and landslides that have killed at least 443 people in one of Brazil's deadliest natural disasters in decades.

Jobless youths in Tunisia riot using Facebook

Jobless youths in Tunisia riot using Facebook

In the cruise ship brochures, Tunisia is a land of endless sandy beaches, warm Mediterranean waters, ancient ruins and welcoming bazaars. But behind the postcard-perfect facade, legions of jobless youths who see no future are seething under the ir...

Protests Over Gay-Only Toilets At Brazilian Samba Schools

As Brazil geared up for its annual carnival festivities, a dispute broke out over toilets for the exclusive use of gays and transvestites in samba schools readying for the event.

Chavez calls burning of government building terrorism

Venezuelan authorities have evidence of arson in a fire that badly damaged a government building used by officials carrying out farm seizures, President Hugo Chavez said Sunday, calling it an act of terrorism.

Sarkozy: Mideast Christians victims of 'cleansing'

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday that Christian minorities in the Middle East are victims of "religious cleansing", following deadly attacks on churches in the region.

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