British army apologizes to troops fired by e-mail

DAVID WILLETTS The Sun 16.02.2011
British army apologizes to troops fired by e-mail

THE Prime Minister was said to be furious today after The Sun revealed 38 senior heroes including one on the Afghan front line were crassly sacked by EMAIL.

Prince Charles's wife to appear on BBC soap opera

The Duchess of Cornwall is to appear in BBC Radio 4's long-running rural drama The Archers, listeners have heard.

UK Economy May Be Heading for a Double-Dip

Antonia Oprita CNBC 25.01.2011
UK Economy May Be Heading for a Double-Dip

Britain's "awful" gross domestic product figure for the fourth quarter is pushing the country closer to a double-dip and limits the central bank's ability to fight rising inflation, analysts and business leaders said Tuesday.

Exclusive: Brown asks Scotland Yard to investigate if he was hacked

James Hanning and Matt Chorley The Independent 24.01.2011
Exclusive: Brown asks Scotland Yard to investigate if he was hacked

Gordon Brown has asked the police to investigate whether he was the victim of phone hacking, The Independent on Sunday has learnt. Mr Brown has written at least one letter to the Metropolitan Police over concerns that his phone was targeted when h...

UK Government Plans Major Health Care Reform

JILL LAWLESS ABC News 18.01.2011
UK Government Plans Major Health Care Reform

Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday waded into terrain where past British governments have foundered, promising fundamental changes to the country's expensive and over-stressed public health care system.

Prince Harry eyes North Pole trek

Yahoo! News 13.01.2011
Prince Harry eyes North Pole trek

Prince Harry is determined to join wounded soldiers on a landmark trek to the North Pole, his office said Wednesday -- military commitments and his brother's wedding plans permitting.

Britain Vows To Change 'Embarrassing' Libel Law

Britain's plaintiff-friendly libel laws have become an international embarrassment, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said Friday, vowing to change rules that have made the country a "libel tourism" destination for angry corporations and foreign ce...

UK drunks to be given 'booze zone' so they can drink in peace

Drunks in Colchester could be given a "booze zone" under controversial plans to keep problem drinkers away from other members of the public.

The secret double identity of murdered spy: Friend insists Gareth Williams was not gay - and was being trained by MI6 for undercover role

The spy found dead in a sports bag had been given a new identity by his MI6 bosses in the months leading up to his mysterious death.Gareth Williams, a GCHQ codebreaker on secondment to MI6, had two passports and told his best friend that he was pr...

Britain mulls new airports law after Heathrow chaos

British ministers said on Sunday they want to introduce new laws to allow regulators to fine airports for travel disruption, after a pre-Christmas cold snap all but shut down Heathrow Airport last week.

UK minister stripped of media role for Murdoch jibe

Keith Weir and Mohammed Abbas Reuters 22.12.2010
UK minister stripped of media role for Murdoch jibe

British Business Secretary Vince Cable was stripped of power over the media sector but remained in government on Tuesday after he was taped "declaring war" on News Corp (NWSA.O) Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch.

UK stores put security tags on turkeys to stop shoplifters

Supermarkets are putting electronic tags on their turkeys in an attempt to beat thefts triggered by hard times this Christmas.

Swine flu: 200 fight for life in UK as number of patients in intensive care doubles in a week

Nearly 200 swine flu victims were fighting for their lives last night.The number of patients in intensive care has doubled in a week and many of them are either elderly or pregnant. Seventeen of the 190 are being kept alive by highly-specialised h...

Terrifying moment Charles and Camilla were surrounded by a baying mob and their car attacked in tuition fees riot

With terror written across her face, the Duchess of Cornwall comes under fire from a snarling mob of student fees rioters last night.In the worst royal security breach for a generation, the car carrying her and Prince Charles was kicked, rocked an...

Prince William, princess-to-be to hold lottery for public tickets to wedding

Britain's Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton will invite members of the public to their wedding by holding a lucky draw for tickets, The Sun newspaper reported yesterday.

Kate will be Prince Wills' Girl Friday April 29

PRINCE William and Kate Middleton will get married on Friday April 29, it was announced today. The couple, both 28, have chosen Westminster Abbey in the spring for their big day — and today said they were on "Cloud Nine".

Prince Charles suggests Camilla could be queen

Prince Charles has reopened a sensitive debate in Britain by suggesting his wife Camilla may take the title of queen when he becomes monarch.

Fortune-tellers warn of rocky road for William and Kate

Asian fortune-tellers are divining mixed blessings for Britain's Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton, with the gloomier oracles warning of affairs, divorce and trouble having children.

Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton to wed next year

Prince William has said his fiancee Kate Middleton is under no pressure to follow in his mother's footsteps and will "make her own destiny".

Jobless targeted in UK welfare shake-up

Danny Kemp Yahoo! News 11.11.2010
Jobless targeted in UK welfare shake-up

The coalition unveiled plans Thursday to stop handouts for up to three years to jobless who refuse work, in the biggest shake-up in the history of the welfare state, a day after violent protests rocked London.

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