Men jailed for inciting riots on Facebook

Two men who attempted to use social networking site Facebook to incite riots during last week's unprecedented civil disorder in Britain were on Tuesday both jailed for four years, police said.

A 13-year-old boy has walked free from court after admitting smashing up a shop with a stolen golf club as his mother said the riots are because the government does "f*** all" for children.

Phone hacking: families of war dead 'targeted' by News of the World

Mark Hughes, Duncan Gardham, John Bingham and Andy Bloxham Telegraph 07.07.2011
Phone hacking: families of war dead 'targeted' by News of the World

The bereaved relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan may have had their phones hacked by a private investigator working for the News of the World.

News of the World phone hacking: Police review all child abduction cases

Amelia Hill, James Robinson, Sam Jones, Nick Davies and Dan Sabbagh The Guardian 06.07.2011
Madeleine McCann, which is expected to be the first case to be re-examined in the wake of Milly Dowler phone hacking allegations.

Police officers investigating phone hacking by the News of the World are turning their attention to examine every high-profile case involving the murder, abduction or attack on any child since 2001 in response to the revelation that journalists fr...

Statue of Reagan Is Unveiled in London

RAVI SOMAIYA The New York Times 05.07.2011
Statue of Reagan Is Unveiled in London

Passers-by at the American Embassy, in the heart of London’s upscale Mayfair district, were greeted Monday morning by the disembodied voice of Ronald Reagan drifting through the air from large speakers — a prelude to the unveiling of a $1 million ...

Northumbrian Water approached by Hong Kong company Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings

Northumbrian Water, which supplies about 4.4m customers in the north and east, has confirmed that it has been approached by company owned by Hong Kong's richest man regarding a possible bid for the UK group.

Dozens of protesters arrested just yards from Downing Street after violence breaks out on strike march

Riot police today swooped and arrested protesters as violence broke out during pension reform protests.A large group split from the main demonstration, pushing over a fence before being penned in by over 100 police in Central London. There were so...

Major Strike Looms in UK After Talks With Government Fail

A strike by hundreds of thousands of teachers, lecturers, civil servants and other public sector workers is set to go ahead on Thursday after negotiations failed.

Press Association Royal Reporter Arrested in UK Phone Hacking Case

A 34-year old female journalist has been released on bail after she was arrested by Scotland Yard on suspicion of illegally accessing voicemail messages.

David Cameron's local Tory chairman found dead in Glastonbury toilet

David Cameron said he was "devastated" to hear of the death of Christopher Shale, his constituency chairman, who was found dead in a portable toilet at Glastonbury Festival.

UK Union Chief Warns: Biggest strike for 100 years

Polly Curtis The Guardian 18.06.2011
UK Union Chief Warns: Biggest strike for 100 years

The leader of the largest public sector union promises to mount the most sustained campaign of industrial action the country has seen since the general strike of 1926, vowing not to back down until the government has dropped its controversial pens...

UK nurses warned over 'cleavage at work'

Nurses have been banned from showing cleavage or baring midriffs after NHS trust warned they must uphold hospital standards.

Navy chief: Britain cannot keep up its role in Libya air war due to cuts

The British military intervention in Libya is unsustainable, the head of the Navy has said.

The ultimate NHS indignity: Body of hospital patient left to die in corridor is ignored for hours... before staff simply drag him away

Nurses casually stepped over a patient as he lay dying on a hospital floor. Peter Thompson, 41, was left in a corridor for ten hours before someone noticed he had passed away.

Millions of UK households face record high energy bills

Myra Butterworth Telegraph 08.06.2011
Millions of UK households face record high energy bills

Millions of households were warned last night that they face “unacceptable” rises in their energy bills after one of the biggest power firms announced average increases of nearly £200 a year.

British Health Care Program in Grave Peril

Andrew Porter Telegraph 02.06.2011
British Health Care Program in Grave Peril

The National Health Service is facing a £20 billion-a-year funding black hole that will threaten its founding principles unless the Coalition’s controversial reforms are brought in to prevent it, the Health Secretary has warned.

Two patients die after waiting in ambulance outside 'full' British hospital

Amanda Crook and Alice McKeegan Manchester Evening News 24.05.2011
Two patients die after waiting in ambulance outside 'full' British hospital

Two patients died after being left waiting in ambulances outside an over-stretched hospital. The patients, believed to have been in their 80s, couldn’t get into the Royal Oldham Hospital for seven and 20 minutes respectively.

The last goat standing: Satanism fear stalks village as animals are tortured and killed

Four goats have been cruelly slaughtered in a village, raising fears of ‘satanic rituals’.The animals were killed within a few days of each other, either with their heads twisted backwards or their throats cut.The horned goat is a symbol in the oc...

UK forced to borrow spy plane from USA

DAVID WILLETTS The Sun 16.05.2011
UK forced to borrow spy plane from USA

COST-CUTTING Britain has been forced to go cap in hand to borrow a US spy plane to protect our ships in Libya.

London plans floating walkway on Thames

Yahoo! News India 14.05.2011
London plans floating walkway on Thames

Plans to erect a floating walkway on London's River Thames, affording spectacular views of forgotten parts of the city, got a major boost on Friday by securing up to 60 million pounds ($97.5 million) in funding.

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