Gordon Brown blows a loophole in ban on

Michael Smith The Sunday Times 01.06.2008
Gordon Brown blows a loophole in ban on

Gordon Brown has negotiated a loophole for Britain to continue using cluster bombs, despite his declaration of a full ban. The prime minister appeared to reinforce his humanitarian credentials when he dramatically overruled the Ministry of Defence...

Confidence in the economy evaporates

Larry Elliott and David Hencke The Guardian 30.05.2008
Confidence in the economy evaporates

Gordon Brown's hopes of recovering from this month's hat-trick of electoral setbacks received a fresh blow today as falling house prices and rising food and energy bills prompted the biggest slump in consumer confidence since the onset of the last...

Tributes pour in for stabbed teenage actor

Tributes poured in on Sunday for a teenage actor who was stabbed to death during a fight outside a pub that left three other men with serious knife wounds.

Pressure mounts on Brown after poll defeat

LONDON (AFP) — Prime Minister Gordon Brown faced a grim holiday weekend as speculation mounted Saturday over whether he might face a leadership challenge.

No charges over Scientology demo

Legal action has been dropped against a 15-year-old who faced prosecution for branding Scientology a "cult". The teenager held up a sign which read, "Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult", in May outside its headquarters in the Ci...

Working class 'has lower IQ'

Yahoo! News 24.05.2008
Working class 'has lower IQ'

The working classes have lower IQs than those from wealthier backgrounds and should not be expected to win places at top universities, an academic has claimed. Bruce Charlton, reader in evolutionary psychiatry at Newcastle University, suggested th...

Every pupil's dream: the exam with answers on back

It sounds like every student's dream - turning over an exam paper and finding the answers on the back. But that was what happened to 12,000 lucky British teenagers when they sat their GCSE music exam last week.

British leader's party loses special election

British leader's party loses special election

LONDON (AP) — Britain's Conservatives crushed the governing Labour Party in a special election that underlined the deepening unpopularity of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government, results showed Friday.

Dalai Lama meets Brown in closely watched talks

LONDON (AFP) — The Dalai Lama held closed-door talks Friday with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has faced a diplomatic balancing act between backing Tibetan rights and not offending Beijing.

British eatery bombing suspect has home searched

LONDON (AP) — British police and intelligence officials searched a house in southwest England on Friday to try to determine what drove a young Muslim convert with a history of mental illness to walk into a busy restaurant with two bombs.

Disaster for Gordon Brown after Tory landslide in Crewe

Philip Webster and Russell Jenkins Times Online 23.05.2008
Edward Timpson and his wife Julia after the result was announced  (Ben Gurr)

A resurgent Conservative party stormed to a crushing victory over Labour in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election early today, placing Gordon Brown’s leadership under even greater strain.

British women win right to children without fathers

Mark Henderson, Francis Elliott, Ruth Gledhill and Sam Coates Times Online 21.05.2008
British women win right to children without fathers

Single women and lesbian couples won landmark parental rights last night as MPs voted to remove the requirement that fertility clinics consider a child’s need for a father.

Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology 'cult'

A teenager is facing prosecution for using the word "cult" to describe the Church of Scientology. The unnamed 15-year-old was served the summons by City of London police when he took part in a peaceful demonstration opposite the London headquarter...

Elizabeth Jelley with mother Amanda: The toddler was able to keep safe while holding onto the side of the pool

A toddler survived falling into her family's pool because she had taken swimming lessons since she was eight weeks old.

Some 85 per cent are reunited within 48 hours but 0.57 bags per thousand passengers are never returned home and often end up at auction houses. -- PHOTO: AFP

LONDON - 'AT LEAST I have a good one,' said Ms Hannah Taylor as she opened a suitcase full of clothes she had just bought at a London auction which sells dozens of pieces of lost luggage each week.

Toy wonder: Made of almost half a million bricks, the structure has been built to celebrate Lego's 50th birthday

Visitors to Legoland Windsor yesterday helped set a new world record for the tallest tower made of Lego bricks.

Could Battersea Power Station finally be redeveloped?

The owner of Battersea Power Station has said it will submit a plan for redeveloping the power station by early 2009.

Brits more fearful of tea shortage than fallout from nuclear attack

Never mind the radiation - British contingency planners fretted there would be a dramatic shortage of tea in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, declassified documents show.

The lorry landed just two feet from one of the men's tents

Three men on a fishing trip had a lucky escape when a 40 tonne lorry careered off a road and crashed just 2ft from one of their tents. The men, from Hartlepool, were camping beside Auchenreoch Loch, Crocketford, nine miles from Dumfries, when the ...

Jobless man 'sells' The Ritz

VINCE SOODIN The Sun 18.04.2008
Jobless man 'sells' The Ritz

A JOBLESS fraudster attempted to sell London’s famous Ritz Hotel to a businessman for £250million, a court heard today. Fraudster Tony Lee posed as a representative for the hotel’s owners – the reclusive Barclay brothers – taking a £1million depos...

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