Ministers search for extra £100m to fund 2012 athletes

Ashling O'Connor Times Online 25.06.2008
Ministers search for extra £100m to fund 2012 athletes

Ministers are preparing a £100 million bailout fund to help to train Olympic athletes after the credit crunch put an end to hopes of finding the money from private business, The Times has learnt. UK Sport, the elite funding agency, is understood t...

Gordon Brown. A new ICM poll claims the confidence of the electorate has gone. Photograph: Thierry Roge/Reuters

Gordon Brown faces a damning verdict from voters ahead of his first anniversary in power, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll. It suggests that his prime ministership has been a disappointment: 74% of those questioned say that he has been a chang...

Nelson Mandela arrives in London for 90th birthday celebrations

LONDON - NELSON Mandela arrived in London on Monday for a week of events to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Cops chase a UFO over Cardiff

John Coles The Sun 21.06.2008
Cops chase a UFO over Cardiff

STUNNED police gave chase to a UFO after it attacked their helicopter near a military base.

Iraq war hero convicted of 1994 murder

David Lister Times Online 21.06.2008
Michael Ross, who was convicted of murdering a restaurant waiter  ( Danny Lawson/PA )

A Scots soldier decorated for bravery in Iraq made a dramatic attempt to escape from custody yesterday after he was found guilty of the racially motivated murder of an Asian waiter on Orkney.

£1bn deal to build 2012 Olympic Village venue faces collapse over credit crunch

A £1bn deal to fund the biggest venue on the Olympic Park in East London was close to collapse today after the Australian developer involved said it was struggling to raise capital because of the credit crunch.

UK court rejects EU treaty block bid

An attempt to block Britain's ratification of the Lisbon Treaty has been rejected by the High Court. Conservative MP Bill Cash sought a judicial review of the ratification process after Ireland rejected the treaty in a referendum.

Abortions for girls under 14 leap 21 per cent

Jenny Booth Times Online 19.06.2008
There has been a fall in teenage pregnancies and a marked rise in teenage abortions  (Lennart Nilsson/Reuters)

Gymslip mums are on the decline in England and Wales, where there has been a leap in the number of very young girls having abortions.

Clashes take place between police and anti-war protesters in Parliament Square, London. Photograph: Johnny Green/PA

Downing Street yesterday rejected any suggestion of a rift between Gordon Brown and George Bush over troop withdrawals from Iraq, as the US president arrived in the UK for what is expected to be his final visit to the country before he leaves office.

Rich Britons retiring abroad are 'cheating' UK taxpayer of millions

Some wealthy Britons are exploiting a tax loophole that allows them to retire abroad with their UK pension savings and live tax-free.

More secret files found on a train

The Press Association 15.06.2008
Secret Government files have been found on a train

The Government is embroiled in a fresh controversy over data security after a second batch of secret government files was found left on a train.

'Alternative appearance': Sam Leeson was found hanged in his room

A teenager said to have been bullied on the social networking site Bebo has been found hanged in his bedroom.

UK Whitehall official suspended for leaving Middle East files on train

A senior civil servant has been suspended after highly classified intelligence documents were left on a commuter train, the Cabinet Office announced today. The unidentified official was questioned in an internal inquiry after the files relating to...

Muslim Parents to Blame for Children Turning to Extremism

Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Martin Beckford Telegraph 12.06.2008
Muslim Parents to Blame for Children Turning to Extremism

British Muslim parents are to blame for leaving their children open to the lure of Islamic extremism, according to an influential academic - Dr Farhan Nizami CBE, a key adviser on Islam to the Prince of Wales, accused British Muslims of failing to...

Secret al-Qaida, Iraq files found on British train

LONDON - Secret government documents on al-Qaida and Iraq were left on a commuter train, prompting a major police investigation into the latest in a series of embarrassing security breaches, British officials said Wednesday.

UK lawmaker blames Indians for London litter crisis

LONDON: A local councillor was forced to apologise today after she blamed Indians for littering. Lucy Ivimy, a Conservative councillor was accused of racism after she sent an e-mail urging that Indians be taught that throwing rubbish from windows ...

Gordon Brown is attempting to win over 42 day rebels EPA

Gordon Brown is embarking on a round of last-minute lobbying to win round rebel Labour MPs who are threatening to block Government proposals to increase the period terror suspects can be held without charge to 42 days.

Soldiers of D company 2 Para walk past flowering poppy fields in southern Afghanistan  (Richard Pohle )

Gordon Brown paid tribute to the the 100 British troops killed in Afghanistan since 2001, saying that they had "achieved something of lasting value" by their actions.

£500m ‘wasted’ on Chinooks that have never flown

Michael Evans Times Online 04.06.2008
£500m ‘wasted’ on Chinooks that have never flown

The Ministry of Defence has spent more than £500 million on eight Chinook helicopters that have never been flown as a result of “one of the most incompetent procurements of all time”, an audit has concluded.

Gordon Brown warns 42-day terror detention rebels that he won't back down

Gordon Brown will take one of the biggest gambles of his political career today by defying Labour MPs to back him or defeat him over holding terrorist suspects for 42 days.

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