Terrifying moment Charles and Camilla were surrounded by a baying mob and their car attacked in tuition fees riot

With terror written across her face, the Duchess of Cornwall comes under fire from a snarling mob of student fees rioters last night.In the worst royal security breach for a generation, the car carrying her and Prince Charles was kicked, rocked an...


Primary School principals and teachers from Hong Kong visited The University of Northampton as part of a project to observe methods and practices for the inclusion and teaching of students with special educational needs.

Working class 'has lower IQ'

Yahoo! News 24.05.2008
Working class 'has lower IQ'

The working classes have lower IQs than those from wealthier backgrounds and should not be expected to win places at top universities, an academic has claimed. Bruce Charlton, reader in evolutionary psychiatry at Newcastle University, suggested th...

Every pupil's dream: the exam with answers on back

It sounds like every student's dream - turning over an exam paper and finding the answers on the back. But that was what happened to 12,000 lucky British teenagers when they sat their GCSE music exam last week.

British teachers mull ending homework for pupils

Graeme Paton Telegraph 12.03.2008
For some children the stress of homework can lead them to resent school and fuel discipline problems

Homework should be scrapped for primary school children because the pressure to complete assignments makes pupils "unhappy and anxious", say teachers. A Royal Commission should also investigate why so many children dislike school, the Association ...