iPhone-maker rallies workers after China suicides

GILLIAN WONG My Way News 18.08.2010
iPhone-maker rallies workers after China suicides

Young workers who normally spend their days assembling iPhones and other high-tech gadgets packed a stadium at their massive campus Wednesday, waving pompoms and shouting slogans at a rally to raise morale following a string of suicides at the com...

"Passion for Hong Kong: Exhibition of Works by Professor Jao Tsung-i" opens at Shanghai Expo

"Passion for Hong Kong: Exhibition of Works by Professor Jao Tsung-i", jointly presented by the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) of the Hong Kong SAR Government and Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole of the University of Hong Kong opened today (August 16) at Expo ...

China warns U.S. over fresh military drill in region

Chris Buckley Yahoo! News 13.08.2010
China warns U.S. over fresh military drill in region

China's People Liberation Army demanded a tough response to U.S. plans to send an aircraft carrier to naval exercises near its coast, saying that "respect" was at stake.

Hong Kong man wins Kinmen-Xiamen swim

Focus Taiwan News 09.08.2010
Hong Kong man wins Kinmen-Xiamen swim

A young Hong Kong man edged out swimmers from Taiwan and China to win the 2010 long-distance swim between the Taiwan-held island of Kinmen and China's coastal

Man Held in China After 3 Children Murdered in Kindergarten Stabbing

Chinese police detained a suspect in the stabbing to death of three children at a kindergarten in eastern Shandong province, Xinhua News Agency reported, in the first such incident reported since Premier Wen Jiabao pledged in May to end school att...

Call for "men's day" sparks heated public debate among Chinese

A recent online poll of 6,021 people nationwide found 80 percent saying Chinese men are under so much stress that a "men's day", which is supposed to fall on Aug 3 every year, is essential.

Three detained in China over pro-Cantonese rally

Chinese police have confirmed the detention of three people for disrupting public order during a weekend rally in Guangzhou for the preservation of the region's Cantonese dialect.

Wave of strikes bring Chinese workers a step nearer new rights

High-profile strikes at Honda and other factories have put workers in southern China on the verge of gaining new rights, campaigners believe.

HK Pavilion welcomes more than 1m visitors

Admissions to the Hong Kong Pavilion topped the 1 million mark yesterday, as the Expo 2010 Shanghai China reached its halfway stage.

Air China subsidiary to buy 10 Airbus planes: statement

Chinese flag carrier Air China announced Friday that its subsidiary Shenzhen Airlines had agreed to buy 10 aeroplanes from Airbus at a price of 814 million US dollars.

Mainland, Hong Kong reach agreements in tourism administration after complaints of "forced shopping"

The Chinese mainland and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) reached five agreements Saturday to better administer the tourism industry.

Move to Limit Cantonese on Chinese TV Is Assailed

Protests over land grabs, industrial pollution and poor work conditions often rattle the Chinese authorities. Now add to that outrage over language policy. More than 1,000 people gathered Sunday in Guangzhou, in southern China, to demonstrate agai...

Party and government officials whose spouses and children have emigrated overseas are to be subject to strict examination when applying for private passports and going abroad, according to a new regulation released Sunday.

China sentences Uighur to 15 years in prison for talking to foreigners

A Chinese court in the troubled western province of Xinjiang has sentenced an ethnic Uighur journalist to 15 years in prison for "endangering state security" by speaking to foreign reporters.

Strikes end at two Chinese automotive suppliers

Bonnie Cao Reuters India 23.07.2010
Strikes end at two Chinese automotive suppliers

Chinese factory workers at two suppliers for foreign automakers returned to work on Thursday after winning hefty pay rises, ending strikes that again highlighted the carmakers' vulnerability to their China suppliers.

Expo showcase for Hong Kong design talent

If you are going up to the Shanghai Expo before the end of October, you might want to visit Hong Kong Creative Ecologies - a showcase of Hong Kong's leading design work. The event, which is funded by Create Hong Kong, covers a wide range of our ci...

The night sky on fire: 2,000 firefighters battle inferno that blazed for 15 hours in China after TWO oil pipelines explode

Firefighters today [July 18] extinguished a fire that raged for more than 15 hours after two oil pipeline exploded at a Chinese port.

Moodys downgrades Ireland's rating

CIARA O'BRIEN The Irish Times 19.07.2010
Moodys downgrades Ireland's rating

Credit agency Moodys has downgraded Ireland's government bond ratings to Aa2, blaming banking liabilities, weak growth prospects and a substantial increase in the debt to GDP ratio.

Fresh strike hits Honda's parts plant in China

Honda Motor said Thursday a fresh strike had hit an auto parts supplier in southern China for the Japanese carmaker, the latest in a series of walkouts by Chinese labourers over pay.

Beijing starts gating, locking migrant villages

CARA ANNA Yahoo! News 15.07.2010
Beijing starts gating, locking migrant villages

The government calls it "sealed management." China's capital has started gating and locking some of its lower-income neighborhoods overnight, with police or security checking identification papers around the clock, in a throwback to an older style...

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