India announces $35 tablet computer for rural poor

KATY DAIGLE My Way News 06.10.2011
India announces $35 tablet computer for rural poor

India introduced a cheap tablet computer Wednesday, saying it would deliver modern technology to the countryside to help lift villagers out of poverty.

Apple customer accidentally given store hard drive

An Apple store customer was given internal company media and documents by accident after getting his computer serviced at one of the company's Genius Bars, a new report says.

Apple's MacBook Air draws long lines, stock-outs in Hong Kong debut

Apple's newly updated MacBook Air lineup debuted this week in Hong Kong, attracting crowds and selling out quickly, ahead of making an anticipated splash in mainland China.

United Airlines pilots to use iPad for navigation

United Airlines said Tuesday it was replacing the hefty flight manuals and chart books its pilots have long used with 11,000 iPads carrying the same data.

Obama Cuts in Line and Gets an iPad 2

Few would debate that President Barack Obama is the most tech savvy president in American history. Mr. Obama has a custom-rigged Blackberry and he has admitted to owning an iPod. Now the former law school lecturer is trying to prove his technical ...

iPad 2 on sale in Hong Kong, Singapore in April

The Sydney Morning Herald 23.03.2011
iPad 2 on sale in Hong Kong, Singapore in April

Apple said Tuesday that the iPad 2, the latest model of the hot-selling tablet computer, will go on sale in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea in April.

US$1000 iPad 2 available in Hong Kong

A few days after the official iPad 2 launch in the US, the gadget is already selling on Hong Kong's grey market for twice the price.

Steve Jobs Unveils Apple's iPad 2 [PHOTO/VIDEO]

GEOFFREY A. FOWLER And NICK WINGFIELD The Wall Street Journal 03.03.2011
Steve Jobs Unveils Apple's iPad 2 [PHOTO/VIDEO]

Steve Jobs asserted Apple Inc.'s command over the hottest market in computing and demonstrated his flair as high-tech's most celebrated pitchman. The Silicon Valley giant's chief executive, who took a medical leave of absence in January, was the s...

Apple iPad 2 Release Date: Wednesday March 2, 2011

Well, we've got a date (March 2) and a theme ("Come see what the year 2011 will the year of"), so the only question remaining is what the new iPad 2 will officially look and feel like. Here is some of what is almost inevitably included:

Chinese Computer Trumps US One as World's Fastest

A Chinese scientific research center has built the fastest supercomputer ever made, replacing the United States as maker of the swiftest machine, and giving China bragging rights as a technology superpower.

Apple MacBook Air now available in Hong Kong for HK$ 7,588

Sophia Meng IBTimes Hong Kong 22.10.2010
Apple MacBook Air now available in Hong Kong for HK$ 7,588

Apple's latest launched MacBook Air - the first of a next generation of notebooks - is now available in Hong Kong with the starting price as low as HK$ 7,588.

New computers will ‘boot up in seconds’

Claudine Beaumont Telegraph 04.10.2010
New computers will ‘boot up in seconds’

Wave goodbye to BIOS, say hello to UEFI, a new technology that will drastically reduce start-up times.

India unveils $35 computer for students

CNN Harmeet Shah Singh 26.07.2010
India unveils $35 computer for students

India has unveiled a $35 computer prototype as part of its program to provide connectivity to its students and teachers at affordable prices.

iPad Hitting Ireland, Mexico, Hong Kong, More This Week

Given the negative publicity surrounding the iPhone 4, last week wasn't exactly a banner week in Cupertino. But Apple is shaking it off and continuing with the global expansion of its other flagship product, the iPad.

Toshiba launches dual touch-screen laptop

Claudine Beaumont Telegraph 22.06.2010
Toshiba launches dual touch-screen laptop

Toshiba has unveiled a new dual-screen, touch-screen mini laptop designed for surfing the internet, sending and receiving emails and keeping up to speed with social networking sites on the move.

Chinese Supercomputer Is Ranked World’s Second-Fastest, Challenging U.S. Dominance

A Chinese supercomputer has been ranked as the world’s second-fastest machine, surpassing European and Japanese systems and underscoring China’s aggressive commitment to science and technology.

Rival tablets ready to bite into iPad lead

Chris Nuttall in San Francisco Financial Times 31.05.2010
Rival tablets ready to bite into iPad lead

The international launch of the iPad at the weekend is set to be swiftly followed by the release of a raft of rival tablet PCs, costing a fraction of Apple’s $500 device.

iPad, meet your brother, the iiView M1Touch

Darius Chang Crave Asia 13.05.2010
From left to right: iPhone 3GS, iPad and iiView M1Touch.

When I first unwrapped the iiView M1Touch in the office, everyone had this nagging feeling they'd seen the design somewhere. Can you guess what it looks like?

Apple plans to release iPad in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore by July

Apple Inc. said Saturday it plans to release its newest electronics device, the iPad, in only three countries in Asia --Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore -- by the end of July.

Grey market iPads selling like hot cakes across Asia

Apple has not yet officially launched the iPad in Asia, but that hasn't stopped a booming "grey market" trade in the world's most talked-about high-tech gadget.

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