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Google launches Galaxy Nexus phone in Hong Kong

Matt Warman Telegraph 20.10.2011
Google launches Galaxy Nexus phone in Hong Kong

Google has announced its much-awaited new phone, the Galaxy Nexus, and also released a new version of its Android phone software. Codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 will be available to existing Android users soon and is available to softwa...

Samsung to unveil new Android model in Hong Kong on October 19

Samsung Electronics plans to unveil a new smartphone based on Google's latest version of the Android operating system at an event in Hong Kong on October 19.

BlackBerry services collapse

Christopher Williams Telegraph 11.10.2011
BlackBerry services collapse

Millions of BlackBerry smartphone users have been cut off by a major fault at RIM, the Canadian company that makes the devices.

Apple gets no love from Wall Street for new iPhone 4S

Apple gets no love from Wall Street for new iPhone 4S

The most closely kept secret about the iPhone 5? There isn't one - yet. The new iPhone is faster, has a better camera and allows you to sync content without needing a computer. It includes a futuristic, voice-activated service that responds to spo...

New law requires radiation warnings for cell phones

San Francisco controversial new law requiring cell phone retailers in the City to provide radiation information is now live.

Apple Confirms October 4th iPhone Announcement; Invitations Sent

For once, all of the rumors have proven to be true. After the mainstream media reported that the iPhone 5 announcement would come on October 4th at Apple’s own Cupertino, CA venue, all of that information has finally come true.

Al Gore says 'new iPhones' out in Oct.

Apple hasn't said when it will release the next version of the iPhone, but former Vice President and current Apple Inc. board member Al Gore believes "new iPhones" will be here in October.

Apple loses another unreleased iPhone

Greg Sandoval and Declan McCullagh CNET 02.09.2011
Apple loses another unreleased iPhone

In a bizarre repeat of a high-profile incident last year, an Apple employee once again appears to have lost an unreleased iPhone in a bar, CNET has learned.

Apple pays South Korean user compensation over iPhone tracking

Apple Inc's Korean unit has paid compensation to a user of its popular iPhone after collecting location data without consent, lawyers and court officials said, the first payout by the company over these complaints.

Samsung's Dual-Core Galaxy Smartphone Lands in Hong Kong

Samsung this week released an upgrade for its most popular “Galaxy” smartphone in Hong Kong, following its launch in Europe.

Android smartphones face data breach threat

Tim Bradshaw Financial Times 19.05.2011
Android smartphones face data breach threat

Owners of Android smartphones are being warned to avoid public WiFi networks after researchers found a security flaw that could affect the vast majority of devices based on Google’s software.

Prototype: The PaperPhone has a flexible electronic display, is extremely lightweight, made out of a thin-film, and can do everything a smartphone currently does

In an industry where unbreakable and smaller are best, the world's first interactive paper computer looks set to dominate for years to come.The PaperPhone has a flexible electronic display that is set to herald a new generation of computers.Extrem...

Analyst: White iPhone Already Sold Out In Beijing, Hong Kong

The 10-month-long wait for a white-colored version of Apple’s iPhone 4 ended this morning when the device went on sale in 28 countries, including the U.S.

Jobs Says Apple Made Mistakes With iPhone Data

MIGUEL HELFT The New York Times 28.04.2011
Jobs Says Apple Made Mistakes With iPhone Data

Hoping to put to rest a growing controversy over privacy, Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, took the unusual step of personally explaining that while Apple had made mistakes in how it handled location data on its mobile devices, it had not ...

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go

Charles Arthur The Guardian 21.04.2011
iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go

Security researchers have discovered that Apple's iPhone keeps track of where you go – and saves every detail of it to a secret file on the device which is then copied to the owner's computer when the two are synchronised.

Apple to begin shipping new iPhone in Sept - sources

Kelvin Soh, Chris Lewis Reuters 20.04.2011
Apple to begin shipping new iPhone in Sept - sources

Apple Inc suppliers will begin production of its next-generation iPhone in July this year, with the finished product likely to begin shipping in September, three people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

Apple iPhone 4 Supply In Hong Kong Normalizes, India Launch Promised

Yes you read it right. Its iPhone 4 we are still talking about. In between the iPad 2 launch updates and iPhone 4 rumors, it seems that iPhone 4 has its own little updates to amuse us. Apparently after hiccups in Hong Kong, the iPhone 4 situation ...

White iPhone 4 64GB Model Found in Hong Kong; Is the Device Really Coming?

The white iPhone 4 seemed to be arriving only in our dreams, right? Though we have been hearing about a possible arrival or a delay at regular intervals, we have never been told as to when exactly we would get to play with one. Putting to rest spe...

If we thought there was no more… Motorola released the Atrix. It's not a mobile phone. It's not a smartphone. It's not a laptop. It is all in one!

It comes with a laptop functioning as a docking station and a full PC (with 8 hours of battery life)! It is also equipped with a pocket docking station that you can connect to any monitor, keyboard and mouse and it's operating as a PC anywhere.

A Short-Circuit to Distracted Driving

MATT RICHTEL The New York Times 21.01.2011
A Short-Circuit to Distracted Driving

Cellular carriers, having spent years trying to blanket the nation with phone service, are now working on ways to stop people from getting calls and texts when they are behind the wheel. The technology is aimed at curbing dangerous distractions by...

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