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Hong Kong Gallerist Ben Brown on the City's Growing Yen for Western Art

Although he was a native of Hong Kong, when Ben Brown decided to open an art gallery, he chose London rather than his home town for his first venture. When Ben Brown Fine Arts opened its doors in London’s Cork Street back in 2004, Hong Kong still ...

Ancient Roman pillar collapses at Pompeii villa

A pillar was found collapsed at an ancient Roman villa in Pompeii on Thursday, as the government prepares a series of measures to preserve the unique but dilapidated archaeological area.

Chinese Scrolls, 36-Carat Diamonds Dominate Hong Kong Sale

Frederik Balfour BusinessWeek 30.11.2011
Chinese Scrolls, 36-Carat Diamonds Dominate Hong Kong Sale

A pair of diamonds each weighing almost 36 carats and a set of Chinese scrolls led sales at a Christie’s International auction in Hong Kong last night.

Brooklyn Performance Artist Gives Birth in Art Gallery

A performance artist who said giving birth is the "highest form of art" has delivered a baby boy — inside a New York City art gallery.

'HOPE' Artist Designs Party Invite for Occupy Wall Street

Yup. This just happened. Right after receiving the victorious news from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that Occupy Wall Street doesn't have to move out of Zuccotti Park after all, protest organizers learned they'd been blessed with a Shepard Fai...

Sotheby's sales fetch $411mln in Hong Kong

Sotheby's said Friday it had sold more than $410 million in luxury goods, wine, art and antiques in its autumn sale in Hong Kong, with wealthy Chinese collectors driving much of the bidding.

Fancy Vivid Blue 6ct. Diamond Sells for $10M at Sotheby's HK auction

Sotheby’s Hong Kong received a record price for a fancy vivid blue diamond sold at auction this week as its Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite sale. The auction closed with a total of $65.4 million (HKD 510.2 million) and was 78.6 percent sold by lot ...

Diamond Makes Record $10 Million, Vase $21.6 Million in Sotheby's HK auction

Chinese bidders pushed prices for Ming and bling to records at a Hong Kong auction last night, undaunted by volatility on stock markets across the globe.

Marathon Art Sale Raises Record $94.8 Million

Frederik Balfour 05.10.2011
Marathon Art Sale Raises Record $94.8 Million

A marathon of competitive bidding by collectors of Chinese artworks pushed a Hong Kong auction to more than three times its estimate.

Holiday Doings: "Maastricht Of Asia" In Hong Kong May Test Art Prices

Staying in Asia during China’s long National Day holiday? Fine Art Asia 2011, the Hong Kong art and antique fair that aims to emulate Maastricht’s regular event, will run Oct. 3-7. The gathering may be an indicator of international price trends fo...

Sotheby's in Hong Kong announces 20th century Chinese art autumn auction

Sotheby’s Hong Kong 20th Century Chinese Art Autumn Sale 2011 will be held on 3 October, offering a meticulous selection of over 140 lots estimated at HK$190 million / US$24.4 million*. Curated along thematic lines, the auction will present two sp...

Baltimore Symphony's assistant concertmaster gets top post in Hong Kong Philharmonic

Igor Yuzefovich, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's assistant concertmaster since 2005, has been named concertmaster of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Eva Peron ‘kept Nazi treasure taken from Jews’

Eva Peron, the former Argentine first lady, is believed to have kept Nazi treasures taken from wealthy Jewish families killed in concentration camps, according to a new book.

New book disputes claim Jefferson fathered children of slave

Stephen Dinan The Washington Times 01.09.2011
New book disputes claim Jefferson fathered children of slave

In a book due out Thursday, eminent scholars say it’s unlikely that Thomas Jefferson fathered Sally Hemings‘ children, disputing a decade’s worth of conventional wisdom that the author of the Declaration of Independence sired offspring with one of...

Martin Luther King memorial made in China

Malcolm Moore Telegraph 24.08.2011
Martin Luther King memorial made in China

It is perhaps a fitting tribute to racial co-operation. However, the decision to outsource to China the carving of a new national memorial to Martin Luther King has raised eyebrows in the United States.

Texas "vampire" arrest sparks discussion on pop culture

Deborah Quinn Hensel Reuters 18.08.2011
Texas "vampire" arrest sparks discussion on pop culture

The arrest of a Texas man who broke into a woman's house, threw her against a wall and tried to suck her blood over the weekend has sparked discussion over the impact of vampire books and movies on U.S. youth culture.

White Cube Jumps on the Bandwagon to China, Opening a Outpost in Hong Kong

White Cube will be the latest major western gallery to open a branch in China, according to the Financial Times. Its new Hong Kong outpost will open early next year, hot on the heels of Larry Gagosian's successful gallery launch in the former Brit...

Giant Marilyn Monroe sculpture unveiled in Chicago

The long-awaited 26-foot sculpture of Marilyn Monroe was unveiled on the Magnificent Mile Friday morning, amid some controversy about its risqué appearance.

Giant statue of Jesus Christ opened in Peru

One of the world's tallest statues of Jesus Christ has been inaugurated in Peru despite high level opposition and Facebook campaigns mocking it.

Elizabeth Taylor's clothing and jewellery to go on an international tour before being auctioned

Elizabeth Taylor's collection of jewellery, art, designer clothing and other memorabilia is to go on an international three-month tour before being sold at auction, Christie's has announced.

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