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Dissident performers Belarus Free Theatre coming to Hong Kong

As I concluded a phone interview the speaker on the other end whispered nervously: “We’re a bit concerned about the Belarusian government notifying Interpol, so you may want to keep an eye out for us when we’re in Hong Kong.” They are not the word...

What to See at the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Alice Truong The Wall Street Journal 16.02.2011
What to See at the Hong Kong Arts Festival

When Michelle Vosper first worked as an English-language editor for the Hong Kong Arts Festival in 1983, she said the events centered on showing off “the best of the West.” “At that time, the Asian arts were barely included and separated into anot...

India, China and Japan sweep book prize shortlist

Authors from India, China and Japan swept the shortlist for Asia's top literary prize on Tuesday, with a debut novelist and Nobel Prize winner among those vying for the $30,000 award.

King Tut statue among missing Egypt treasures, minister says

At least 17 artifacts from the Egyptian Museum of Cairo are missing following a break-in, the country's minister of antiquities said Sunday.

Book: Lincoln sought to deport freed slaves

Stephen Dinan The Washington Times 10.02.2011
Book: Lincoln sought to deport freed slaves

The Great Emancipator was almost the Great Colonizer: Newly released documents show that to a greater degree than historians had previously known, President Lincoln laid the groundwork to ship freed slaves overseas to help prevent racial strife in...

Sotheby's to auction 106 monumental early works by eminent contemporary Chinese artists

Sotheby’s Hong Kong is pleased to announce the sale of an important private collection of contemporary Chinese Art on 3 April: The Ullens Collection – The Nascence of Avant Garde China, offering 106 masterpieces from the legendary Collection, whic...

OMG, when did we start talking like txt msgs?

JOCELYN NOVECK My Way News 09.02.2011
OMG, when did we start talking like txt msgs?

"ILY!" Susan Maushart's 16-year-old daughter often calls out over her shoulder as she leaves the house. Sure, actual words would be better. But Mom knows not to complain. "A mother of teenagers is pathetically grateful for an 'I love you' no matt...

Museums on high alert for ancient Egyptian loot

Mohammed Abbas Reuters 03.02.2011
Museums on high alert for ancient Egyptian loot

International museums are on high alert for looted Egyptian artifacts and some archaeologists have even offered to fly to the country to help safeguard its ancient treasures, museums said Wednesday.

Colonial-era Hong Kong stamps sell for record 821000 US dollars

A rare block of Hong Kong stamps featuring Queen Victoria's head was sold for a record 821,000 US dollars, an auction house said Monday.

The Art Market: Asian joust

Georgina Adam Financial Times 21.01.2011
The Art Market: Asian joust

Which city, Singapore or Hong Kong, will become the hub of the Asian art market? Until now, Hong Kong seemed to be a slam-dunk with its Art HK fair, which is going into its fourth edition in May with an exhibitor roster that now includes many of t...

Damien Hirst and his "Saint Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain."

The new Gagosian gallery opens today in Hong Kong with the Damien Hirst show "Forgotten Promises." The artist was in town five days ago and generated intense buzz for the show, a sign that Hong Kong's international art hub status has crystallized.

Urinating policewoman art raises hackles in Germany

A prize-winning lifelike sculpture of a squatting policewoman urinating has whipped up a storm of protest in Germany, where it went on prominent display last week.

New edition of 'Huckleberry Finn' to lose the N-word

What is a word worth? According to Publishers Weekly, NewSouth Books' upcoming edition of Mark Twain's seminal novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" will remove all instances of the N-word -- I'll give you a hint, it's not nonesuch -- present in ...

Resurrected Pop Icon Gives Voice to Criticism

NICK FRISCH The Wall Street Journal 28.12.2010
Resurrected Pop Icon Gives Voice to Criticism

A new Chinese-produced musical set to open Friday in Hong Kong is poised to become an all-singing, all- dancing test of China's sensitivity to criticism. Wrapped within Broadway-style production values, the show holds a mirror to the country's soc...

Hitler's Christmas party: Rare photographs capture leading Nazis celebrating in 1941

A less festive bunch it’s hard to imagine. This is Hitler and his henchmen celebrating Christmas in 1941 – not that you’d know it from their glum expressions. These probably had something to do with the recent dispiriting failure of Nazi attempts ...

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong City Hall

Ken Smith Financial Times 16.12.2010
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong City Hall

Chinese pop groups such as the 12 Girls Band have shown that, when it comes to popularising traditional instruments, sex sells. Now, more classically oriented musicians are getting in on the act.

The real-life Da Vinci Code: Historians discover tiny numbers and letters in the eyes of the Mona Lisa

Intrigue is usually focused on her enigmatic smile. But the Mona Lisa was at the centre of a new mystery yesterday after art detectives took a fresh look at the masterpiece – and noticed something in her eyes. Hidden in the dark paint of her pupil...

Billionaire Lau’s $16.7 Million Birds Lift Christie’s to Record

Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau’s HK$129.5 million ($16.7 million) purchase of two pairs of imperial crane statues lifted Christie’s International to its highest Hong Kong auctions total, driven by Chinese buyers.

Pink diamond auctioned for $23M, sets Asian record

A rare pink diamond has sold at an auction for more than $23 million in Hong Kong, making it the most expensive jewel ever sold in Asia.

Seoul Auction Autumn Sale Held in Hong Kong Achieved Over HK$35 Million

Seoul Auction held its Modern & Contemporary Art Sale in Hong Kong at the Pacific Place Conference Centre. Over 50 excellent works by celebrated Western, Chinese, Korean and Japanese artists were offered and a total of HK$35,143,980/US$4,505,640 w...

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