Concert promoter sued over Michael Jackson death

Jill Serjeant Yahoo! News 16.09.2010
Concert promoter sued over Michael Jackson death

Michael Jackson's mother and his three children filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Wednesday against the promoters of a series of planned concerts by the singer before his death last year.

Ageless Cher Turns Back Time to 1989 in a very familiar outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards

She is 40 years older than most of last night's attendees and hasn't had a major hit since 1998, but Cher was the name on everybody's lips at the MTV Video Music Awards. The singer stole the show in a barely-there outfit reminiscent of the costum...

Kim Kardashian conquers Hong Kong with nude photo shoot (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian is a former sex tape star but her recent photo shoot for "Prestige" magazine might be the sexiest thing she has ever done.

Jackie Chan's Tweets on Manila bus deaths draw ire

Jackie Chan's Tweets about the Manila bus hijacking have drawn a barrage of Internet attacks in his native Hong Kong, which lost eight residents in the tragedy.

George Michael admits drug-driving

Breitbart.com 25.08.2010
George Michael admits drug-driving

Pop singer George Michael pleaded guilty in a London court on Tuesday to driving under the influence of cannabis when he crashed his car into a shop last month, and could face jail.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's Divorce Is Final

Steve Helling People.com 24.08.2010
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's Divorce Is Final

After months of speculation, the marriage between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Woods is officially over: The couple were present at Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Fla., Monday for the execution of their divorce agreement.

Brad Pitt is 'willing to look at the death penalty' in bizarre rant against BP

Brad Pitt has waded into the Gulf oil spill controversy with an extraordinary veiled attack on BP. The Hollywood actor said he would consider the death penalty for those to blame for the ruptured well that gushed millions of gallons of oil into th...

Haiti ruling ends Wyclef Jean's run for president

Singer Wyclef Jean's high-profile bid for Haiti's presidency ended after election officials on the earthquake-ravaged Caribbean nation disqualified his candidacy.

Wyclef Jean Hiding in Haiti After Threats Over Presidential Run

Hip hop star and Haitian presidential hopeful Wyclef Jean says he has gone into hiding after getting death threats.

Michael Douglas could lose his voice: New blow for golden couple as Michael battles throat cancer and Zeta fights to keep family together

During the long, warm weeks of spring in new York, Michael Douglas suddenly began to look his age. Going to court with his troubled son Cameron, who was on trial for drug dealing, it was obvious that the actor had lost weight. He appeared greyface...

Zsa Zsa Gabor asks for last rites

Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, a fixture in Hollywood for six decades, asked that a priest read her the last rites on Sunday, following hospitalization two days earlier due to complications from hip surgery.

Sheryl Crow, The Queen Of Green: Singer’s 2010 rider demands recycled toilet paper, offers promoters “greening” tips

Touring the United States and Europe this year, Sheryl Crow arrives at venues with an assortment of environmental demands certain to vex concert promoters, according to a review of the musician’s 2010 backstage rider.

Paris Hilton sued for $35M for wearing wrong hair

ANTHONY McCARTNEY My Way News 13.08.2010
Paris Hilton sued for $35M for wearing wrong hair

Paris Hilton was sued Wednesday for allegedly wearing someone else's hair. A company that manufactures hair extensions claimed the 29-year-old socialite breached her contract to wear and promote their product when she sported the fake locks of a c...

George Michael on drugs rap

The Sun 13.08.2010
George Michael on drugs rap

GEORGE Michael has been charged with possession of cannabis and driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

American Idol star Fantasia hospitalized for overdose of aspirin and sleep aid

Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino has been hospitalized in the Charlotte-area after police sources confirm that she attempted to commit suicide.

Half-naked Lady Gaga gives fans a shock as she crowd surfs in fishnet outfit [VIDEO]

Crowd surfing is not for the faint hearted. Clothes can get torn and body parts injured.But Lady Gaga obviously wasn't worried about hurting herself - wearing nothing more than a fishnet bodysuit to dive into the crowd at the Lollapalooza festival...

Haitian-American Superstar Wyclef Jean to Run for President of Haiti

Hip-hop, more than most pop genres, is something of a pulpit, urban fire and brimstone garbed in baggy pants and backward caps. So it's little wonder that one of the form's icons, Haitian-American superstar Wyclef Jean, is the son of a Nazarene pr...

Lady Gaga slams Arizona immigration law during Phoenix concert

Ethan Sacks New York Daily News 03.08.2010
Lady Gaga slams Arizona immigration law during Phoenix concert

Singer Lady Gaga joined the chorus of critics blasting Arizona's controversial new immigration law during a sold-out concert in Phoenix this weekend, the Arizona Republic reported.

Will the new book by Diana author Andrew Morton be the bombshell that ends Brangelina?

Angelina Jolie truly is a one-woman publicity machine. As she gleamed on the red carpet this week for the South Korean premiere of her new film, Salt, she didn’t miss a chance to polish her reputation as Hollywood’s very own Mother Teresa.

Oliver Stone apologises for claim Hitler was a 'scapegoat' in World War Two 'who did more damage to Russia than Jews'

Director Oliver Stone has been forced to make a grovelling apology over an anti-Semitic outburst.The double Academy Award winner claimed that the Russians suffered more during the Second World War and that there was a Jewish 'domination of the med...

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