Rolling Stone releases Lennon's final interview

NEKESA MUMBI MOODY My Way News 10.12.2010
Rolling Stone releases Lennon's final interview

Three days before he was gunned down, John Lennon complained about his critics - saying they were just interested in "dead heroes" - and talked optimistically about his family and future, musing that he had "plenty of time" to accomplish some of h...

Jane Fonda wants TV role, releases new workout DVD at 72

Jane Fonda has something she'd like to work out: A television series. "I have a sort of a vision of what it could be and that's all that I'll say," Fonda said in an interview last week. "I think the best, edgiest writing is now on cable television...

Actor Mark Ruffalo placed on terror watch list for supporting a documentary about gas drilling

Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo has been placed on a terror watch list by U.S. officials after organizing screenings for a new documentary about natural gas drilling.

'Naked Gun,' 'Airplane' actor Leslie Nielsen dies at 84

Nielsen, the dramatic lead in "Forbidden Planet" and "The Poseidon Adventure" and the bumbling detective in "The Naked Gun" comedies, died on Sunday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He was 84.

Bruce Lee fans ready to mark 70 years since idol's birth

Fans across the globe are preparing to this Saturday mark the 70th anniversary of the birth of actor and martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

Tough-guy Putin calls DiCaprio 'a real man'

Russia's tough-guy prime minister Vladimir Putin called Hollywood heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio a real man after the actor's plane had to make make an emergency landing on the way to a summit on tigers in Putin's native Saint Petersburg.

While Screaming Bible Passages, 'Ugly Betty' Actor Kills Mother With Samurai Sword

Police say an "Ugly Betty" actor is now facing charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon after he held his mother hostage and then murdered her with a samurai sword while screaming Bible passages Tuesday in Brooklyn.

US Actor Randy Quaid says Canada has saved his life

Randy Quaid said Tuesday if it weren't for Canada's refugee system, he and his wife would be dead. The actor made the comment Tuesday as he entered his immigration and refugee board hearing in Vancouver, where he and his wife Evi were picked up la...

Charlie Sheen Files Extortion Lawsuit Against Porn Star Capri Anderson

Charlie Sheen filed a lawsuit Monday for extortion and two other counts against the porn star who claims he tried to choke her during a bizarre meltdown in a New York hotel last month.

Jury convicts Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist, boyfriend

A jury on Thursday convicted Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist and boyfriend of conspiring to use false names to obtain prescription drugs for the former Playboy model and reality TV star but acquitted the doctor who prescribed a plethora of drugs ...

Charlie Sheen found 'frothing' at Plaza amid broken glass and blood: police

Rocco Parascandola, Alison Gendar and Larry Mcshane New York Daily News 28.10.2010
Charlie Sheen found 'frothing' at Plaza amid broken glass and blood: police

A naked, nasty Charlie Sheen was up to his old tricks on Tuesday: booze, blow and a bizarre rampage inside a $1,000-a-night Plaza hotel suite, police sources said.

Men who live off Hong Kong actresses

Some of the A-list actresses in Hong Kong are said to be supporting their lovers, according to TVB Celebrity News.

No show: Sir Sean Connery didn't appear in court as requested by a judge investigating a disputed real estate deal known in Spain as the 'Goldfinger Case'

Sir Sean Connery failed to show up at a Costa del Sol court for questioning over a disputed land deal today.

Jennifer Aniston is cute but not beautiful, says Joan Collins as she bemoans lack of glamorous actresses

For almost sixty years she has been a screen siren and even now at 77 is still the picture of youthful glamour. But in a scathing attack on modern stars Joan Collins has warned that the age of the classic Hollywood beauty is over.

Princess Leia did cocaine on Star Wars set

Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher admitted Monday to taking cocaine on the set of "The Empire Strikes Back", saying she didn't even like the drug but was intent on getting high.

'I was asked to finish a meeting in the bedroom': How Gwyneth Paltrow was once propositioned on Hollywood's casting couch

Gwyneth Paltrow has spoken about her experience with Hollywood's notorious casting couch.

Mistress Claims She's Sold Tiger Woods Sex Tape

The hooker who claimed she was Tiger Woods’ 15th mistress says she has a 62-minute sex tape with the golfer and has sold it in a deal she expects to earn her millions, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

Tragic Lindsay Lohan pictured with syringe and snogging pal Paris Hilton

CROUCHING in a dark corner, Lindsay Lohan is poised to inject herself with what appears to be a syringe of heroin.

Paris Hilton to avoid felony in Vegas arrest

CRISTINA SILVA Yahoo! News 19.09.2010
Paris Hilton to avoid felony in Vegas arrest

Paris Hilton has agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanors stemming from her arrest last month at a Las Vegas resort, a Nevada prosecutor said.

Has Lady Gaga killed off sex? Top feminist claims biggest pop star on the planet is all style and no substance

Since leaping to fame two years ago, Lady Gaga has become one of the biggest popstars in the world with sell-out tours, No.1 songs and a league of fans.But after managing to outshock yet again with her raw meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards ...

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