Ferrari IMAX film in production

The folks at IMAX have been responsible for turning out some pretty darn spectacular panoramic cinematic masterpieces, capturing nature's wonders from the depths of the ocean to the reaches of outer space. The production crews are now focusing the...

Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

Jeremy Clarkson Times Online 23.05.2008
Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

Over the past century there has been a handful of cars that stand out as especially innovative, brilliant and important. If they were paintings, they’d be in the Louvre. If they were animals, Texans would have their heads on a wall. These are the ...


Roger Boschman The Standard 21.05.2008

JAGUARS LATEST ACHIEVEMENT, the amazing XF, in addition to being visually stunning, is a technological wonder. For example: you approach your new XF with the electronic key in your pocket, it automatically releases the door locks. You settle into ...

Lamborghini Gallardo

Joseph Dunn Times Online 20.05.2008
Lamborghini Gallardo

The new 202mph Lamborghini is a beast with a muzzle firmly in place

BMW China Venture May Make 1-Series Cars, Business News Says

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG's Chinese venture may make 1-Series cars to help compete with Audi AG and other rivals, China Business News said, citing Qi Yumin, head of BMW's local partner Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd.

Moving Runway

CollegeHumor 17.05.2008
Moving Runway

Mobile home driver speeds up to 60 mph. Outstanding! (A plane is also involved somehow.)

Toyota claims the Prius is having a positive effect on the environment

After 11 years on the market, Toyota says it has sold its millionth Prius petrol-electric hybrid car.

През 2010 година израелците могат да започнат да купуват електромобили

През 2010 година Израле ще започне масова продажба на електромобили.Този проект е съвместно дело на фирматаа Прожект Битер Плейс и израело американският предприемач Шай Агаси.В създаването на автомолиа участвуват още фирмите Рено –Нисан и датска...

Police Pack Human Cargo In Japanese Train

A bunch of people getting crammed into a train by officals. The trains doors are closing and the train is ready to depart. Must be jammed packed inside. Seems like they need more trains and tracks.

A New Motorbike Concept

This motorbike is a real killing machine

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

TOKYO - Toyota Motor Corp., the world's second-biggest automaker by annual vehicle sales, is raising its prices on some U.S. models later this month amid increased worries about its profit growth in the American market.

Balancing act

Ananova Ananova 03.05.2008
Balancing act

It may look like the most dangerous motorbike in the world but this new invention is actually the latest form of green transport. The electric Uno is the brainchild of 18-year-old Canadian Ben Gulak who spent several years developing the bike, wh...

HK$1 billion of luxury boats at Gold Coast show

On 2-4 May, 2008, Sino Group’s Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club hosts its annual marine mega-show featuring the world’s most prestigious boat brands. Running for its 11th consecutive year, this major boat show has attracted 40 boat builders from ...

Hong Kong Driving License

Allo'Expat 02.05.2008
Hong Kong Driving License

You can drive in Hong Kong on a foreign license temporarily when you arrive, but if you're planning to stay here beyond a year, you must get a Hong Kong license to keep driving.

Toyota unveils sexy new hybrid sports car

WINSTON TAN Adelaide Now 28.02.2008
Toyota unveils sexy new hybrid sports car

TOYOTA has launched a new vehicle which combines the slickness of a sports car with a petrol-electric hybrid engine. The car manufacturer launched its Future Toyota Hybrid Sports (FT-HS) concept today [Feb 25], and said the vehicle would provide b...

GT-R Waiting Game About to End

PAUL DUCHENE The New York Times 25.02.2008
GT-R Waiting Game About to End

HARDLY a model year goes by without the debut of at least one new car that sets off a frenzied run on dealers’ showrooms. In the last decade, introductions for vehicles as disparate as the Volkswagen New Beetle, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Mini Cooper an...

A Supercar Faster than a Porsche or Lamborghini but Made of Wood

This car is expected to have 600 HP, weigh just under 1150 kg, come with a Cadillac Northstar sourced V-8 4.6 liter engine, have a top speed of 240 MPH, and oh yeah, be made of wood. This wooden supercar, known as the Splinter, will be able to go ...

The Future Car - Skateboard

See the the car of the future today.

James Bond fanatic creates underwater car

Stephen Adams Telegraph 15.02.2008
James Bond fanatic creates underwater car

Q would have been proud - 30 years after James Bond disappeared under the waves in a specially adapted Lotus, car designers have done it for real. Cinema audiences gasped as Roger Moore's 007 took his white Lotus Esprit for a surprise dip to evade...

Airbus A380 cockpit 29.01.2008
Airbus A380 cockpit

Incredible interactive view

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