Russian spacecraft to crash to Earth on Sunday

Nick Collins Telegraph 13.01.2012
Russian spacecraft to crash to Earth on Sunday

The remainder of the crippled Phobos-Grunt spacecraft is set to crash to Earth on Sunday following its botched mission to Mars, space experts have said.

An Otherworldly Discovery: Billions of Other Planets

ROBERT LEE HOTZ The Wall Street Journal 12.01.2012
An Otherworldly Discovery: Billions of Other Planets

Astronomers said Wednesday that each of the 100 billion stars in the Milky Way probably has at least one companion planet, on average, adding credence to the notion that planets are as common in the cosmos as grains of sand on the beach.

Addicted! Scientists show how internet dependency alters the human brain

Internet addiction has for the first time been linked with changes in the brain similar to those seen in people addicted to alcohol, cocaine and cannabis. In a groundbreaking study, researchers used MRI scanners to reveal abnormalities in the brai...

Microsoft Co-Founder To Build Giant Plane To Launch People, Cargo Into Space

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan are building the world’s biggest plane to help launch cargo and astronauts into space, in the latest of several ventures fueled by technology tycoons clamoring to write America’s nex...

Hundreds of NASA's moon rocks missing: audit

Researchers have sticky fingers when it comes to NASA's moon rocks and meteorites, and hundreds of samples have gone missing after being loaned out by the US space agency, an audit said Thursday.

Bill Gates Talking With China To Develop Nuclear Reactor

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates confirmed Wednesday he is in discussions with China to jointly develop a new and safer kind of nuclear reactor.

NASA's Kepler Mission Confirms Its First Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-like Star

NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the "habitable zone," the region where liquid water could exist on a planet’s surface.

Pits add to Stonehenge mystery

Alan Boyle MSNBC 30.11.2011
Pits add to Stonehenge mystery

Researchers say they've found two pits to the east and west of Stonehenge that may have played a role in an ancient midsummer ceremony. The discovery suggests that the 5,000-year-old circle of stones we see today may represent just a few of the pi...

Total lunar eclipse to occur in Hong Kong

Xiong Tong Xinhua 26.11.2011
Total lunar eclipse to occur in Hong Kong

A total lunar eclipse will occur at night on Dec. 10 and will be visible in Hong Kong if the weather is fine, the Hong Kong Observatory said Thursday.

Mexico acknowledges 2nd Mayan reference to 2012

MARK STEVENSON Yahoo! News 26.11.2011
Mexico acknowledges 2nd Mayan reference to 2012

Mexico's archaeology institute downplays theories that the ancient Mayas predicted some sort of apocalypse would occur in 2012, but on Thursday it acknowledged that a second reference to the date exists on a carved fragment found at a southern Mex...

STUDY: Walking through doorways causes forgetting

We’ve all experienced it: The frustration of entering a room and forgetting what we were going to do. Or get. Or find. New research from University of Notre Dame Psychology Professor Gabriel Radvansky suggests that passing through doorways is the ...

Russia Has No Idea Where Failed Mars Probe Will Crash

Russian space agency Roscosmos all but gave up on regaining contact with its lost Mars probe, and it has no idea where exactly it will crash back down to Earth when it finally falls out of orbit.

Doctor claims he can turn brown eyes blue (but he can't change them back again)

Ever wished you were the blue-eyed boy? You soon could be, after a doctor revealed he can permanently change a person's eye colour in just 20 seconds.

iRobot becomes a reality as man gets smartphone built into his artificial arm

iRobot has become a reality after a British man became the world's first person to have a smartphone dock built into his prosthetic arm.

NASA evacuates astronauts from deep-sea training

NASA evacuated a crew of astronauts Wednesday from an underwater lab off the coast of Florida where they were training for a trip to an asteroid, due to the approach of Hurricane Rina.

MIT Develops New Radar Technology: Military Could See Through Walls

Looking through walls is no longer something we read about in comic books or watch in Superman movies. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory has presented new radar technology that would allow humans to see through a solid...

Richard Branson opens world's first 'spaceport' in US

British billionaire Richard Branson opened the world's first-ever commercial spaceport in the New Mexico desert, the new home for his company, Virgin Galactic.

Can a blood test really tell you when you'll die?

Giles Tremlett The Guardian 12.10.2011
Can a blood test really tell you when you'll die?

A small Spanish biological research company was deluged with queries after reports that its blood test could predict the age you would die at. Well, can it?

Brace for impact: Scientists warn ANOTHER out-of-control three ton telescope is hurtling towards the Earth at high speed

Earth has been told to brace for a possible satellite collision as an orbiting telescope weighing nearly three tons has spun out of control and is plummeting homewards.

Human Stem Cells Created Using Cloning Technique

GAUTAM NAIK The Wall Street Journal 06.10.2011
Human Stem Cells Created Using Cloning Technique

Researchers said Wednesday they used a cloning technique to create human embryos that were close genetic copies of the people from which they were derived—a potentially significant breakthrough in the quest to develop patient-specific stem cells t...

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