Water on the Moon: A Billion Gallons!

NED POTTER ABC News 22.10.2010
Water on the Moon: A Billion Gallons!

Water on the moon? Scientists used to think it was as dry as, well, lunar dust. But after a year of analysis NASA today announced that its LCROSS lunar-impact probe mission found up to a billion gallons of water ice in the floor of a permanently-s...

DNA Spray Links Criminals to the Place They Robbed

Bank robbers have been wary of the exploding money pack that covers them with a bright colored dye for years. But now they've got one more thing to worry about as a more sophisticated way of marking robbers is making its way into stores and busine...

Astronomers say they've found oldest galaxy so far

SETH BORENSTEIN Yahoo! News 21.10.2010
Astronomers say they've found oldest galaxy so far

Astronomers believe they've found the oldest thing they've ever seen in the universe: It's a galaxy far, far away from a time long, long ago.

Father-Son Team Launch Balloon With HD Camera, iPhone Into Space [VIDEO]

Apparently fishing just doesn't cut it anymore. In one of the coolest amateur science experiments NewsFeed has come across, a father-and-son team, and others from the “Brooklyn Space Program,” launched a weather balloon into the stratosphere along...

Experts: Huge space tourism expansion just months away

It's unlikely that you've heard of PJ King, despite the fact that he's about to set himself apart from most humans who've ever walked the planet. In as soon as 18 months, King could be launching into space as a paying commercial space tourist.

Asteroid to skim past Earth

Nick Collins Telegraph 13.10.2010
Asteroid to skim past Earth

An asteroid larger than a double-decker bus is to pass within 28,000 miles of Earth on Tuesday, but has no chance of hitting the planet, Nasa has said.

Archaeologists Find Mini-Pompeii Buried in Norway

Pompeii just moved north. The ancient Roman city, which was covered in ash after the sudden eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79, now has competition from a buried town that has been unearthed in Norway.

Private spaceship makes 1st solo glide flight

Virgin Galactic's space tourism rocket SpaceShipTwo achieved its first solo glide flight Sunday, marking another step in the company's eventual plans to fly paying passengers.

Human-powered aircraft makes aviation history by becoming the first to fly using flapping wings

It has been the dream of engineers and eccentric inventors for centuries.And ever since Leonardo da Vinci sketched the first human-powered ornithopter in 1485, humans have tried to take to the air like birds by flapping their wings.But now a human...

As director James Cameron plans to film Avatar sequel seven miles below the sea's surface, we go into the deadly deep with the only two men who've been there

Five thousand fathoms under the waves, a deafening clang rang out through the cramped, freezing submarine, causing the whole ­vessel to shake like a leaf. Squinting through their tiny Plexiglas window into the abyss, the two explorers’ hearts miss...

The real 2001: Scientists teach robots how to trick humans

It sounds like something straight out of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. But, in a chilling echo of the computer Hal from the iconic film, scientists have developed robots that are able to deceive humans and even hide from their enemies.

Hong Kong researchers break new ground in nanotechnology

Hong Kong Polytechnic University 31.08.2010
Hong Kong researchers break new ground in nanotechnology

A pioneering study by researchers of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has shown that sandwiching a simple layer of silver nanoparticles can significantly improve the performance of organic transistors which are commonly used in consume...

US military's top secret X-37B shuttle 'disappears' for two weeks, changes orbit

AMATEUR astronomers are enjoying a cat-and-mouse game with the US military in keeping track of its secret space plane, the X-37B.


A fire tornado sweeping through a Brazillian forest.

Hitler 'had Jewish and African roots', DNA tests show

Adolf Hitler is likely to have had Jewish and African roots, DNA tests have shown. Saliva samples taken from 39 relatives of the Nazi leader show he may have had biological links to the “subhuman” races that he tried to exterminate during the Holo...

Astronomers discover 5-planet system and sun

Victoria Gill BBC News 25.08.2010
Astronomers discover 5-planet system and sun

Astronomers have discovered a planetary system containing at least five planets that orbit a star called HD 10180, which is much like our own Sun.

Trip to Mars could leave crew 'dangerously weak'

If a human ever sets foot on Mars, will it be a giant step or an exhausted shuffle?

China tests space station module to launch in 2011

China has finished the first module of a planned space station and is testing its electronics and other systems before launching it into orbit next year.

Cattle 'cloned from dead animals'

Pallab Ghosh BBC News 16.08.2010
Cattle 'cloned from dead animals'

Some of the cattle cloned to boost food production in the US have been created from the cells of dead animals, according to a US cloning company.

Nasa could land probe on asteroid hurtling towards Earth

Nasa is considering plans to land a probe on an asteroid that is on a potential collision course for Earth.

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