Pigs could grow human organs in stem cell breakthrough

Human organs could be grown inside pigs for use in transplant operations following research using stem cells.

Iran plans to send monkey into space

IRAN Iran plans to send a live monkey into space in the summer, the country's top space official said after the launch of the Rassad-1 (Observation-1) satellite, state television reported today.

Iran launches homemade satellite into orbit

AKBAR DAREINI The Age 16.06.2011
Iran launches homemade satellite into orbit

Iran launched a satellite into earth orbit Wednesday, Iran's state TV reported, in a feat that is likely to raise concerns among those who fear Iran's intentions and nuclear development program.

Sun's Fading Spots Signal Big Drop in Solar Activity

Some unusual solar readings, including fading sunspots and weakening magnetic activity near the poles, could be indications that our sun is preparing to be less active in the coming years.

UK mother agrees to donate her womb to daughter

Ian Sample The Guardian 14.06.2011
UK mother agrees to donate her womb to daughter

A woman in Nottingham has agreed to donate her womb to her infertile daughter if doctors gain permission to attempt the groundbreaking transplant operation.

Scientists find genes linked to migraines...

Scientists have uncovered a trio of genes tied to migraine headaches, including one in which the link is exclusive to women, according to a study published Sunday.

Argentine lab clones cow to produce human-like milk

David Paul Morris Yahoo! News California 11.06.2011
Argentine lab clones cow to produce human-like milk

An Argentine laboratory announced that it had created the world's first transgenic cow, using human genes that will allow the animal to produce the equivalent of mothers' milk.

China Genetically Modifying Cows To Produce Human Breast Milk

Chinese scientists have genetically modified dairy cows to produce human breast milk, and hope to be selling it in supermarkets within three years.

Sun Unleashes 'Spectacular' & Powerful Eruption

Tariq Malik 08.06.2011
Sun Unleashes 'Spectacular' & Powerful Eruption

The sun unleashed a massive solar storm today (June 7) in a dazzling eruption that kicked up a vast cloud of magnetic plasma that appeared to rain back down over half of the sun's entire surface, NASA scientists say.

Edge of Solar System Filled with Bubbles, NASA Says

The edge of our solar system is filled with a turbulent sea of magnetic bubbles, according to new NASA research.

Dark Energy Is Driving Universe Apart: NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer Finds Dark Energy Repulsive

A five-year survey of 200,000 galaxies, stretching back seven billion years in cosmic time, has led to one of the best independent confirmations that dark energy is driving our universe apart at accelerating speeds.

Heaven is a 'fairy story', says Stephen Hawking

British scientist Stephen Hawking has branded heaven a "fairy story" for people afraid of the dark, in his latest dismissal of the concepts underpinning the world's religions.

New blood test tells you how long you'll live

Steve Connor The Independent 16.05.2011
New blood test tells you how long you'll live

A blood test that can show how fast someone is ageing – and offers the tantalising possibility of estimating how long they have left to live – is to go on sale to the general public in Britain later this year.

Scientist seeks to banish evil, boost empathy

Kate Kelland Reuters Africa 06.05.2011
Scientist seeks to banish evil, boost empathy

Simon Baron-Cohen has been battling with evil all his life. As a scientist seeking to understand random acts of violence, from street brawls to psychopathic killings to genocide, he has puzzled for decades over what prompts such acts of human crue...

Next Giant Leap for Space Tourism: A Trip Around the Moon

Mike Wall Yahoo! News Canada 29.04.2011
Next Giant Leap for Space Tourism: A Trip Around the Moon

Space tourism has already reached low-Earth orbit, and now the industry is shooting for the moon. After helping to send seven private citizens on eight trips to the International Space Station -- starting with Dennis Tito, who became the world's f...

Virgin Galactic space ride to cost $200,000

Milan Simonich Daily Times 27.04.2011
Virgin Galactic space ride to cost $200,000

Space travel will soon be within the reach of ordinary people, provided that they have extraordinary bank accounts. A two-hour flight from New Mexico's Spaceport America will run $200,000 per traveler, an executive of flight operator Virgin Galact...

Was JFK killed because of his interest in aliens? Secret memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death

An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA shows that the president demanded to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs 10 days before his assassination.

Marketing gadget can track brainwaves as you watch TV

Would you feel comfortable if market researchers could know your every thought?A headband designed by San Francisco firm EmSense can sense your brainwaves as you have reactions to watching something and then record the data for researchers.

US Navy hopes lasers will put the heat on pirates

A ship-based laser tested by the Navy's research arm could put the heat on Somali pirates.

Laser gun fired from US navy ship

The US Navy has fired a laser gun from one of its ships for the first time. Researchers used the high-energy laser (HEL) to disable a boat by setting fire to its engines off the coast of California.

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