Can a blood test really tell you when you'll die?

Giles Tremlett The Guardian 12.10.2011
Can a blood test really tell you when you'll die?

A small Spanish biological research company was deluged with queries after reports that its blood test could predict the age you would die at. Well, can it?

Human Stem Cells Created Using Cloning Technique

GAUTAM NAIK The Wall Street Journal 06.10.2011
Human Stem Cells Created Using Cloning Technique

Researchers said Wednesday they used a cloning technique to create human embryos that were close genetic copies of the people from which they were derived—a potentially significant breakthrough in the quest to develop patient-specific stem cells t...

It's a dog's life as Labrador receives pacemaker in Hong Kong first

A 6-year-old Labrador called Oscar has made veterinary history in Hong Kong after being given a heart pacemaker, a newspaper report said Thursday.

UK mother agrees to donate her womb to daughter

Ian Sample The Guardian 14.06.2011
UK mother agrees to donate her womb to daughter

A woman in Nottingham has agreed to donate her womb to her infertile daughter if doctors gain permission to attempt the groundbreaking transplant operation.

Scientists find genes linked to migraines...

Scientists have uncovered a trio of genes tied to migraine headaches, including one in which the link is exclusive to women, according to a study published Sunday.

Hong Kong researchers generate new human stem cells

Hong Kong researchers generated animal product-free new human stem cells which can be derived into different human cell types and tissues, providing insights for clinical applications of stem cell therapy, according to the University of Hong Kong ...

US approves new trial of embryonic stem cells

US biotech company Advanced Cell Technology said Monday it was cleared by the government to start its second trial using human embryonic stem cells to treat blindness, this time in older people.

Stem cells injected into the brain of a stroke patient in world first

Doctors have injected stem cells into a man's brain as part of the world's first clinical trial of the cells in stroke patients. The former truck driver, who is in his 60s, was severely disabled by a stroke 18 months ago and requires continuous ca...

US FDA OKs First Embryonic Stem Cell Research Trial on Humans, Despite Concerns

The Obama administration has approved the bid by cloning company Geron to undertake the first trial involving the use of embryonic stem cells in humans. They have never been used before in people because the cells cause tumors and have been plague...

‘Frankenstein’ doc creates life

EMMA MORTON The Sun 22.05.2010
‘Frankenstein’ doc creates life

A SCIENTIST has created life in a pioneering laboratory experiment in which a bug was "brought back from the dead".

Face transplant man goes public

A SPANIARD who had one of the world's first face transplants has appeared in public today to thank the donor and surgeons who operated on him.


Green tea, well-known for its potent inhibitor and disease-fighting properties, has been discovered to help protect against glaucoma and other eye problems.


Patients will next year be feeling the benefit of an implantable pulse generator (IPG) made by Thai scientists and engineers for 10 times less than foreign versions.


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A pediatric neurosurgeon says a tumor he removed from the brain of a Colorado Springs infant contained a tiny foot and other partially formed body parts. Dr. Paul Grabb said he operated on Sam Esquibel at Memorial Hospita...

Inkjet Printers Eyed to Make Human Heart

Miwa Suzuki Discovery Channel 22.10.2008
Inkjet Printers Eyed to Make Human Heart

The technology is the same as that of the simple inkjet printer found in homes and offices, but Japanese scientist Makoto Nakamura is on a mission to see if it can also produce human organs.

Doctors 'keep cancer drugs quiet'

Doctors are keeping cancer patients in the dark about expensive new drugs that could extend their lives, a poll shows.

Refreshing: But is it wiping out the benefits of prescription drugs?

Drinking fruit juice dramatically reduces the effectiveness of drugs used to treat cancer, heart conditions and high blood pressure, scientists say.

Magic mushrooms, which contain the psychedelic chemical psilocybin. Photograph: Peter Dejong/AP

Scientists are exploring the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD to treat a range of ailments from depression to cluster headaches and obsessive compulsive disorder.

In this photo provided by the Salk Institute, Ron Evans is seen holding a vial of a drug that boosts the effects of exercise in mice at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Friday, July 25, 2008 in La Jolla, Calif. [Agencies]

WASHINGTON - Here's a couch potato's dream: What if a drug could help you gain some of the benefits of exercise without working up a sweat? Scientists reported Thursday that there is such a drug -- if you happen to be a mouse.

Doctors may have found a way to destroy HIV

Lee McGuire 31.07.2008
Doctors may have found a way to destroy HIV

HOUSTON -- There is real hope that what’s happening in a Houston lab might lead to a cure for HIV.

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