Iran could fire 'hundreds' of missiles at Europe: Robert Gates

US intelligence has shown Iran could launch an attack against Europe with "scores or hundreds" of missiles, prompting major changes to US missile defenses, Pentagon chief Robert Gates said on Thursday.

Solar light bulb to shine on developing world

Here's a bright idea for the planet. A Hong Kong-based company has introduced what it bills as the world's only solar-powered lightbulb with the hope of reaching millions of people with little or no access to electricity.

The mini flying robot drones that join forces before takeoff - all without human help [VIDEO]

It conjures up a rather frightening vision of a future where intelligent robots work in packs without the need for human intervention. But scientists are developing robots which can 'dock' with each other and fly together in a swarm.

Bomb squads sharpen skills in robot rodeo

Bomb squads from around New Mexico got a chance to sharpen their skills by using a remote-controlled robot — not to blow things up, but to make pancakes.

MIT robotics spin-out finds a home in Hong Kong

Scott Kirsner 28.05.2010
MIT robotics spin-out finds a home in Hong Kong

The last time I saw Cory Kidd, he was at the MIT Museum in Central Square talking about the "social robot" he'd developed as a project at the school's Media Lab; it was designed to help dieters meet their weight loss goals. A robot with expressive...


An aircraft has set a record for hypersonic flight by flying more than three minutes at Mach 6 – six times the speed of sound.

They Walk. They Work. New DNA Robots Strut Their Tiny Stuff.

Robert Lee Hotz The Wall Street Journal 13.05.2010
They Walk. They Work. New DNA Robots Strut Their Tiny Stuff.

For the first time, microscopic robots made from DNA molecules can walk, follow instructions and work together to assemble simple products on an atomic-scale assembly line, mimicking the machinery of living cells, two independent research teams an...

Robo diet cop may be flab transformer [VIDEO]

A Hong Kong company thinks it has just the right gadget to help dieters and weight watchers shed the flab.


Hong Kong's only public golf course prides itself on environmental awareness, and it is aiming to raise its green credentials another notch.

Fashion robot to hit Japan catwalk

Japanese researchers on Monday showed off a robot that will soon strut her stuff down a Tokyo catwalk.


Scientists at India's National Dairy Reserach Institute (NDRI) on Thursday said they have cloned the world's first buffalo calf using a technique superior to the one used in cloning 'Dolly' - the sheep.

S.Korean bio firm says dog cloning to be cheaper

Jon Herskovitz Reuters 30.01.2009

Cloning a Chow Chow is expected to be easier and perhaps as much as 50 percent less costly, a South Korean biotech firm said on Thursday as it unveiled a new cloning technology.

Amateurs are trying genetic engineering at home

MARCUS WOHLSEN Yahoo! News 26.12.2008

SAN FRANCISCO – The Apple computer was invented in a garage. Same with the Google search engine. Now, tinkerers are working at home with the basic building blocks of life itself.

Fem-bot's my love machine

The Sun 11.12.2008
Perfect couple ... Le Trung with Aiko  Barcroft Media

A BOFFIN too busy to find real love has INVENTED his idea of the perfect woman – a female ROBOT.

Nanotech clothing fabric 'never gets wet'

Jon Evans NewScientist 25.11.2008
Nanotech clothing fabric 'never gets wet'

If you were to soak even your best raincoat underwater for two months it would be wet through at the end of the experience. But a new waterproof material developed by Swiss chemists would be as dry as the day it went in.

Michigan Students Set World Record for Longest Flight by Fuel Cell Powered Plane

A group of students from the University of Michigan have set a new world record for the longest flight ever by a fuel-cell powered plane.

Home computer could diagnose diseases

Scientists are one giant step closer to turning the CD/DVD player of an ordinary computer into a home-based medical diagnostic device, thanks to some breakthrough research at Simon Fraser University.

IBM to build brain-like computers

Jason Palmer BBC News 22.11.2008
IBM to build brain-like computers

IBM has announced it will lead a US government-funded collaboration to make electronic circuits that mimic brains. Part of a field called "cognitive computing", the research will bring together neurobiologists, computer and materials scientists an...

How a camera can 'steal' your keys

Eric Bland MSN 21.11.2008
How a camera can 'steal' your keys

Hide those keys. A quick camera phone picture could unlock your doors. Scientists in California have developed a software algorithm that automatically creates a physical key based solely on a picture of one, regardless of angle or distance. The pr...

Hydrogen fuel bus from ISRO to hit roads

BANGALORE: After the success of Chandaryaan- 1 mission, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientists have now successfully developed another project which will further enhance their reputation.

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