One-third of Hong Kong parents have gambling habit: Survey

Hong Kong, June 16 (DPA) One third of parents in Hong Kong have gambling habit and regularly bet on horse racing and soccer matches, a survey published Monday claimed. The survey, carried out by an education concern group, also found that two thir...

MAC Cosmetics - Cool Heat Collection

Cool Heat is the latest semi-collection to launch this summer in the world of MAC. It doesn’t seem to be as big of a hit as Neo Sci-Fi and I’m blaming that on the fact that we’re all a sucker for limited edition packaging.

15 hiking trails blocked by landslides

The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department has found 15 hiking trails blocked by landslides. People should refrain from using them and take precautions when hiking elsewhere.

Men’s underarm sweat: The Natural way to attract women

Forget the AXE effect there are natural and inexpensive ways to attract a women. Study by researchers at Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia has found that men’s armpit sweat odour actually attract women.

Shark flags hoisted at Southern District beaches

Shark flags have been hoisted at 10 gazetted beaches in Southern District after a five-metre whale shark was found near Round Island. Stanley Main Beach and St Stephen's Beach Water Sports Centres will be closed temporarily from June 7.

British women splash out on luxury lingerie

Linda Grant Telegraph 07.06.2008
Frivolous fashion: We may be happy to pay £5 for a T-shirt - but we'll spend much more on a pair of pants

As Ann Summers changes its stores to satisfy our newly discovered lust for luxury lingerie, Linda Grant looks at why British women are splashing out large sums on intimate apparel.

Apprentice reject Ghazal launches fashion label

Heather Greenaway The Sunday Mail 07.06.2008
Apprentice reject Ghazal launches fashion label

APPRENTICE star Ghazal Asif has swapped the boardroom for the drawing board after launching her own clothing line.

Shark Attack Girl Creates New Cosmetic Line

According to reports online, 18-year old Bethany Hamilton has created a line of cosmetics in partnership with Revelations Perfume & Cosmetics.

Cosmetics for Legs Commercial Created

Pretty Polly, well-known British hosiery company launches its Love Legs Cosmetic range to coincide with the Sex and The City movie frenzy. The Company will be marketing the range using TV and cinema, something it has not done in over six years. Th...

Doing It Doggy Style

Patrick Metzger / Miles Storey Torontoist 07.06.2008
Doing It Doggy Style

Is your dog scratching up the door, whining like a leaky squeaky toy, and in general acting uncommonly agitated? If so, better free up your calendar because chances are she knows that Woofstock is coming to town this weekend (alternatively, she's ...

10 top holidays with teenagers

Joanna Symons Telegraph 06.06.2008
The cities of Biarritz and San Sebastian have superb surfing beaches and a humming nightlife

Trying to persuade older children to join a family trip? Joanna Symons suggests 10 breaks that teenagers won't sneer at.

Fat Finding Reveals Why Diets Don't Work

Rachel Mahan LiveScience 06.06.2008
Fat Finding Reveals Why Diets Don't Work

Want to get rid of some fat cells as you age? Fat chance. You're stuck with the number of fat cells you have acquired by about age 20, a new study finds.

How sugar sneaks into your diet

Terri Coles, Reuters 06.06.2008
How sugar sneaks into your diet

TORONTO (Reuters) -- A bran muffin and a flavored coffee drink are not unusual choices for a breakfast on the run. But along with fiber and caffeine, you may be getting something you hadn't bargained for: a day's worth of added sugar in just one s...

New Territories cycling track works gazetted

Construction works to connect cycling tracks in Tuen Mun, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, Sheung Shui, Fanling, Tai Po and Sha Tin have been gazetted.

Honeymoon hotel

richard lautens METRONEWS.CA 05.06.2008
Honeymoon hotel

Executive chef David Garcelon, right, and beekeeper Catherine Henderson look at a frame of bees on the roof of the Fairmount Royal York Hotel yesterday.

Have you gone off sex?

Paula Hall BBC 05.06.2008
Have you gone off sex?

Many people go off sex for a while - especially during times of stress or after childbirth. But what if you don't regain your desire? Psychosexual therapist Paula Hall looks at the causes and solutions.

Put on your dancing shoes 05.06.2008
Put on your dancing shoes

Luminato kicks off this Friday, June 6, without the over-the-top fanfare of 2007’s opening of the ROM’s Crystal. After the astounding success of last year’s inaugural arts fest, it’ll be a challenge to follow the act that saw the Crystal make its ...

Britons too busy to peel oranges

Avril Ormsby Reuters 04.06.2008
Workers put the finishing touches to a float made from lemons and oranges during the lemon festival in Menton, southern France, February 15, 2008.  REUTERS/Pascal Deschamps

LONDON (Reuters) - Britons are too busy to eat oranges in their lunch breaks nowadays and are opting instead for "easy to peel" fruit like satsumas, according to a survey.

America's Most Unhealthy Drinks Exposed

Jay Slatkin The Consumerist 04.06.2008
America's Most Unhealthy Drinks Exposed

Whether you are on a hardcore diet trying to lose major pounds or just someone trying to stay in good shape, you should be aware that there are a lot of so-called "healthy" drinks out there that will do you more harm than good. To help you steer c...

Couples Focus on challenge

Couples Focus on challenge

Ford’s feisty new model put to test The new Ford Focus showcases new technologies and styling mixed with a confidence-inspiring ride and reflexive handling that give it a nimbleness and fun-to-drive factor that rivals the best small cars.

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