Crisis, what crisis? We're the yacht set

Paul Mozur The Standard 24.11.2008

The luxury boating industry can sail through the current financial storm with a smile on its face, say the people who sell the top-end vessels.

Fly me to the SKY

Fly me to the SKY

For Capt Chai Suwathi, the first Thai licensed hot-air balloonist, the sky is the limit. "Thais can fly as high as others," says Capt Chai, the first Thai to be in a team carrying Thailand's flag in an overseas hot-air ballooning contest. He was o...

46 Most Luxurious Fur Coats for This Winter …

Fur coats are such a must for s stylish woman’s closet! And no matter how big or small the fur piece is, when thrown over your shoulders, it always makes you feel like a Queen!

Bras are displayed at Triumph International in Tokyo October 23, 2001.  REUTERS/Toshiyuki Aizawa

Who said bras are only for women? A Japanese online lingerie retailer is selling bras for cross-dressing men and they've quickly become one of its most popular items.

How to save big bucks on cosmetics

Roni Proter 20.11.2008
How to save big bucks on cosmetics

We asked women where they thought they could save a couple bucks when it comes to cosmetics. Most of them said mascara or lipstick, and they thought they should splurge on liquid eye liner and foundation. To find the real answer, we went to makeup...

Touchy feely couples less likely to be stressed

Daily News & Analysis 17.11.2008
Touchy feely couples less likely to be stressed

LONDON: Couples who hug and kiss more often or become physically intimate are less likely to be stressed, especially if they are married.

Off The Beaten Track 07.11.2008
Off The Beaten Track

Forget your usual destinations and venture further afield this fall. By HK Staff.

Necklace with a starring role 23.10.2008
Necklace with a starring role

In Quantum of Solace, it's not a gizmo or Q invention that holds the key to the plot, but a piece of jewellery. Having designed two sets of earrings and a loveknot necklace for Eva Green's Vesper Lynd (above) to wear in the casino scene for Casino...

Nutritionist Reveals 20 Functional Foods to Increase Longevity

Broccoli has always been associated with a healthy life, but did you know that apples, cranberries, chocolate, tea and even coffee can increase your longevity and help lead an active life?

Relationships especially those with the opposite sex sure come with some ups and downs. We all have our share of going through some really good phases and some may be not so good. Yet we are up for the rollercoaster ride. A relationship however ha...

Demographic Implosion in Muslim Societies

Yoram Ettinger is an Ex-Senior member of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs * Ettinger and The American-Israel Demographic Research Group are known to oppose Israeli elite's abuse of demographical data in order to force Jews to abandon our la...

Hitched On Honeymoon

Sarah Fung 03.10.2008
Hitched On Honeymoon

A local wedding or an overseas ceremony? Sarah Fung weighs up the pros and cons.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics: Serious Protection Against Skin Cancer

Mineral powders for your face are all the rage now. Not only are they all natural, but they're a great weightless foundation that makes your skin look even and shine-free.

The Life List - 750 Things To Do In Hong Kong Before You Die

Bucket lists aren’t just for terminally ill codgers in bad movies. For the 750th issue of HK Magazine, we’ve drawn up an extensive inventory for you to check your life against before the final curtain. Whether it’s eating dim sum at 7-11 or paragl...

Yves Saint Laurent Launching Men’s Cosmetics

The male cosmetic market is heating up. Over the last year there have been launches of different skincare and make up products just for men. Joining the growing list of companies catering to this niche is Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) with its new conc...

Jewish Demographic Tailwind

Yoram Ettinger 08.09.2008
Jewish Demographic Tailwind

Increased Jewish fertility sustained in 2008 *

Victoria's Secret Supermodel Obsession

Victoria's Secret has a new obsession. A Supermodel Obsession. It's their brand new book that pretty much looks like one of their catalogs. In it you'll find a lot of Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, and Doutzen Kroes posing in lingerie.

Men write more suicide notes than women - study

Rituparna Bhowmik Reuters India 23.08.2008
Men write more suicide notes than women - study

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Men write more suicide notes than women and are likely to leave behind instructions on how to provide for their family, a study conducted in India said.

Guys buying up 'mantyhose'

Men's pantyhose sales are apparently booming. The 'Prime News' crew is not convinced. Kilts are another story.

LEAKED: First Shots of iPhone Nike+ Interface

We've long known that Nike+ has been in development for the iPhone. Now we're finally getting a peek at the first shots of the interface.

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