Why morning people rule the world

Philip Delves Broughton This is London 06.07.2010
Why morning people rule the world

We are all morning or evening people. Scientists have established that our genes dictate around half of what they call our “chronotypes” — our natural preference for certain times of the day.

No hard feelings: Pinnacles of pampering in Hong Kong

Rachael Oakes-Ash The Sydney Morning Herald 29.06.2010
No hard feelings: Pinnacles of pampering in Hong Kong

HOTEL day spas are popping up at every turn in Hong Kong, making a visit a compulsory part of the itinerary. The spas are as competitive and spectacular as the city itself, with cutting-edge design and exclusive treatments. But how to tell them ap...

Expert: Don't sleep longer – sleep smarter

Worried that you don't get the fabled eight hours? That's your first mistake, says Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, who thinks it's quality, rather than quantity, that counts. She shares her tips for a better night's rest with Rob Sharp

10 Unique Cases For Your iPhone

Want a case that keeps your iPhone safe from water? Or one with a dragon tattoo on the back? Or one that includes a stylus? Techland's gadget critic looks at 10 different cases to protect your most prized possession.

'Le French May' festival: Are the French taking over Hong Kong?

During this month's Le French May festival, we look at what the 12,000-strong French community in Hong Kong gets up to

Over 80% of HK people take in more fat

Fang Yang Xinhua 14.05.2010
Over 80% of HK people take in more fat

Eating out too frequently may bring more than satisfaction for your appetite. In Hong Kong, over 80 percent of people were found taking in more fat than necessary, according to a newly released survey.

Down to a Tee

Paul Chan 04.09.2009

Paul Chan rounds up everything all you aspiring golfers need to know.

Hang Ten in Tai Hang

Johannes Pong and Dorothy So 28.08.2009

Johannes Pong and Dorothy So pick our ten favorite things in our new favorite district.

What a Difference a Gay Makes

Johannes Pong 24.07.2009

Johannes Pong introduces the proud poofs who are working to make a difference in Hong Kong’s queer scene.

Pedal Power

John Robertson 17.07.2009

Cycling as a mode of transport is both economically sound and environmentally friendly, so why hasn’t it yet become a part of everyday life in Hong Kong? By John Robertson.

Tai Wai On Tires

June Ng 17.07.2009

With her chain oiled and her bell shining, June Ng pedals off to explore Hong Kong’s favorite cycling trail.

Hidden Kowloon

Winnie Yeung and June Ng 08.05.2009

What’s there to do on the so-called Dark Side? A lot more than you think, write Winnie Yeung and June Ng.


The spa experience arrived in Hong Kong more than 10 years ago. Spas are great places to unwind and pamper ourselves.


Eric Jones is a little embarrassed about how much he admired Kurt Cobain. The Olympia resident was 21 when the rock star killed himself in April 1994, and he traveled to Seattle Center to stand in the rain with fellow fans for the memorial.

"So You Think You Can Dance" holds Seattle audition

Keith Ervin Seattle Times 30.03.2009

Hundreds of people who think they can dance lined up in the cold Friday night and Saturday morning at the Moore Theatre in Seattle.


Life would be meaningless and not worth living without the internet, nearly one in seven Hong Kong youngsters said in a survey released Friday.


Kamalaya Koh Samui, the Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa, was the winner of the Best Wellness Retreat category in the Spa Asia Crystal Awards announced at the Wellness Summit Gala Dinner in Kuala Lumpur on 16 October 2008. The award presentatio...

Seattle's Ben Bishop back on "Jeopardy!"

Mark Rahner NW Source 14.03.2009

After winning $115,800 on "Jeopardy!" last year, Seattle's Ben Bishop, a 22-year-old Amherst College senior, returns tonight to compete in the show's Tournament of Champions.

Unemployment can be uncomfortable subject

BRAD GOODE 12.03.2009

Bruce McCord knows that talking about his job hunt with friends doesn't make for fun conversation, but he feels it's important to reach out to others.


Jane Lukatah figures she has a couple years before she's kicked out of the space where she opened B&O Espresso in 1976 at Belmont Avenue and Olive Way (Belmont & Olive = B&O). "Maybe two years, maybe more," she said.

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