Sexy Victoria`s Secret Brand Arrives In Zagreb

Karmen Horvat, Zorica Živković Farina, Goran Rusmir Javno 18.06.2008
Sexy Victoria`s Secret Brand Arrives In Zagreb

Lingerie, whose trademark are the world`s best paid supermodels, can now be a part of everyday life for Croatian women

MAC Cosmetics - Cool Heat Collection

Cool Heat is the latest semi-collection to launch this summer in the world of MAC. It doesn’t seem to be as big of a hit as Neo Sci-Fi and I’m blaming that on the fact that we’re all a sucker for limited edition packaging.

British women splash out on luxury lingerie

Linda Grant Telegraph 07.06.2008
Frivolous fashion: We may be happy to pay £5 for a T-shirt - but we'll spend much more on a pair of pants

As Ann Summers changes its stores to satisfy our newly discovered lust for luxury lingerie, Linda Grant looks at why British women are splashing out large sums on intimate apparel.

Apprentice reject Ghazal launches fashion label

Heather Greenaway The Sunday Mail 07.06.2008
Apprentice reject Ghazal launches fashion label

APPRENTICE star Ghazal Asif has swapped the boardroom for the drawing board after launching her own clothing line.

Shark Attack Girl Creates New Cosmetic Line

According to reports online, 18-year old Bethany Hamilton has created a line of cosmetics in partnership with Revelations Perfume & Cosmetics.

Cosmetics for Legs Commercial Created

Pretty Polly, well-known British hosiery company launches its Love Legs Cosmetic range to coincide with the Sex and The City movie frenzy. The Company will be marketing the range using TV and cinema, something it has not done in over six years. Th...

Have you gone off sex?

Paula Hall BBC 05.06.2008
Have you gone off sex?

Many people go off sex for a while - especially during times of stress or after childbirth. But what if you don't regain your desire? Psychosexual therapist Paula Hall looks at the causes and solutions.

Guy Talk vs. Girl Talk

IVY MSN 02.06.2008
Guy Talk vs. Girl Talk

Bonding with your man means getting your communication styles in sync during everyday moments. We have the tricks you need to click when it counts.

The Many Moods of Love

A relationship is a lot like a roller coaster — there are the intense highs of infatuation but also the lows. Here's how to endure — and even enjoy — the ups and downs of couplehood.

Is Your Guy Hooking Up at Work?

Some bad news: Your guy is more likely to cheat with a coworker than with any other woman. Here's how to keep it from happening.

100 Most Fabulous Looks

New York Magazine 30.05.2008
Model Catherine McNeil, Photo Imaxtree

Most fabulous looks for Fall 2008 RTW Model Catherine McNeil

What type is your hubby?

ROMA ARORA TNN 30.05.2008
What type is your hubby?

This old almost father-like husband is favourite amongst young girls who want nothing but money.

Hair is the women's crown-but hair loss?

The hair is the woman’s crown. You would see from Farah Fawcett and Jennifer Aniston that hair is usually the defining point of their personal style. That’s often one of the reasons why women panic immediately at even the thought of losing some ha...

New Antibody That may Help to Treat Ovarian, Breast Cancer Developed

Researchers at East Carolina University (ECU) have developed a monoclonal antibody that could play a vital role in treating the most common form of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and other cancers

Looking good: But only a third of women buy matching bra and knicker sets

A lady may look lovely when dressed to the nines - but what lies beneath could be a different story.

Zethina Cosmetics provides natural, locally made products

Patricia Bathurst azcentral.com 24.05.2008
Zethina Cosmetics provides natural, locally made products

Life as a professional model took Arizona native Zethina Haehl around the world and gave her real-life experience in how to look your best on and off camera.

Fashion Trend: Horizontal Stripes

The Budget Fashionista 10.05.2008
Fashion Trend: Horizontal Stripes

We know the fashion mantra -- no horizontal stripes, no horizontal stripes, NO HORIZONTAL STRIPES. But this Spring it seems that designers and retailers have decided to throw us a curveball, with super-cute horizontal stripe-emblazoned tops and dr...

Permanent Cosmetics Can Turn Ugly

Some Women Have To Get Beauty Blunder Undone

Want Disney Lingerie?

Kevin Touch 2snaps.tv 09.05.2008
Want Disney Lingerie?

You can buy Disney lingerie now, but only in China, go figure. I mean we all had Underoos when we were kids, and they sell Hello Kitty underwear, so a Winnie the Pooh thong set is not really a big deal, but look at the models below. Disney has a l...

Ladies Become the Envy of Their Friends with New Beauty DVD

A new bilingual DVD from Beauty Sensation Cosmetics, titled "How To Apply Your Make-Up," teaches every woman the make-up secrets to alluring, glamorous beauty.

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