Navigating Hong Kong's Coasts

Christopher Shay The Wall Street Journal 30.06.2011
Navigating Hong Kong's Coasts

Like most people, before Colin Tait goes to the beach, he checks the weather. But then he also pores over topographic maps, carefully analyzes Google Earth, researches wind speed and direction and studies wave conditions. Mr. Tait, an English teac...

Shark cage-diving stirs controversy in South Africa

Lexi Belculfine McclatchyDC 24.06.2011
Shark cage-diving stirs controversy in South Africa

Submerged chest-deep in a cage, seven tourists clad in wet suits helplessly bobbed in the Atlantic Ocean's relentless swells. Many had traveled halfway around the world to South Africa, where they hoped to catch a glimpse of the ocean's most fierc...

Hong Kong diving: Perfect for beginners

Phillippa Stewart CNNGo.com 05.11.2010
Hong Kong diving: Perfect for beginners

Although diving in Hong Kong is never going to be as picturesque as diving in the tropical waters of the Philippines, Indonesia or Malaysia, it's still far better than you might think. At least according to the city's diving experts.

Guided Hikes Every Sunday Through Wilderness Near Hong Kong

If Hong Kong and hiking seem an unlikely pair, think again. Beyond its famed street life and iconic skyline lies a less familiar Hong Kong that beckons hikers and nature lovers into the great outdoors – with mountains, valleys, coastlines and pict...

Hong Kong Golf a scenic treat

Toronto Star 09.10.2010
Hong Kong Golf a scenic treat

The pictures we see of this city usually involve skyscrapers, crowded streets and ferry boats prowling the waters between the main island and Kowloon. But there’s a quiet side to the island, which includes some terrific golf courses.

Down to a Tee

Paul Chan HK-magazine.com 04.09.2009

Paul Chan rounds up everything all you aspiring golfers need to know.

Hang Ten in Tai Hang

Johannes Pong and Dorothy So HK-magazine.com 28.08.2009

Johannes Pong and Dorothy So pick our ten favorite things in our new favorite district.

Pedal Power

John Robertson HK-magazine.com 17.07.2009

Cycling as a mode of transport is both economically sound and environmentally friendly, so why hasn’t it yet become a part of everyday life in Hong Kong? By John Robertson.

Tai Wai On Tires

June Ng HK-magazine.com 17.07.2009

With her chain oiled and her bell shining, June Ng pedals off to explore Hong Kong’s favorite cycling trail.

Cheap Stuff

HK-magazine.com 09.01.2009
Cheap Stuff

Recession got you down? Follow our guide to luxury on a budget. By HK Staff.


HONG KONG (AFP) - As Hong Kong's already-frantic workers cling to their jobs amid the global economic downturn, the hectic and the exhausted are being offered a haven of relaxation in the overcrowded finance hub.

Crisis, what crisis? We're the yacht set

Paul Mozur The Standard 24.11.2008

The luxury boating industry can sail through the current financial storm with a smile on its face, say the people who sell the top-end vessels.

Fly me to the SKY

Fly me to the SKY

For Capt Chai Suwathi, the first Thai licensed hot-air balloonist, the sky is the limit. "Thais can fly as high as others," says Capt Chai, the first Thai to be in a team carrying Thailand's flag in an overseas hot-air ballooning contest. He was o...

Cruise safety: how safe are we at sea?

Jane Archer Telegraph 07.08.2008
The Pacific Sun, pictured here in calmer waters, was thrashed by a storm off the New Zealand coast  Photo: Carnival

Following last weekend's injuries on a New Zealand cruise, Jane Archer looks at other accidents and asks just how safe we are at sea.

The half-mile-tall Burj Dubai — or Dubai Tower  — which is scheduled to open in 2009. It will feature a public observation deck on the 124th floor.

From the half-mile-tall Burj Dubai to a 16-deck cruise ship with its very own Central Park —these eight coming attractions caught our imagination and got us thinking big about the future.

An Australian tourist attempting to rent a Vélib' bicycle at a self-service station in Paris. (Ed Alcock for The New York Times)

PARIS: They're clunky, heavy and ugly, but they have become modish — and they are not this season's platform shoes.

Women just travel in style

Gloria Lai The Standard 02.07.2008
Women just travel in style

Female travelers expect more and are willing to pay for it, according to travel industry experts.

36 swimming pools to open for free

The Leisure & Cultural Services Department will open 36 swimming pools for individuals to use free of charge from July 1 to September 30.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Thanks to everyone who danced with me.

First impressions of a photographer’s life in Hong Kong

Six months ago, after eight years working in Spain I began a new stage in my life as a photographer based in Hong Kong. Here are some of my first impressions.