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Boeing 747 turns 40 today

Dominic Gates The Seattle Times 09.02.2009

On Feb. 9, 1969, the first flight of the Boeing jumbo jet was cut short by a minor problem with the wing flaps. The test pilots kept their cool, landed the plane safely, and the rest is history. To date, 1,412 of the jets have been delivered.

Boeing to Build SkyHook Neutrally Buoyant Rotorcraft

Boeing and SkyHook International have announced that they intend to team up for a new aircraft called the JHL-40 (Jess Heavy Lifter). The JHL-40 is a new commercial heavy lift aircraft that is intended to transport equipment and materials in remot...

Moving Runway

CollegeHumor 17.05.2008
Moving Runway

Mobile home driver speeds up to 60 mph. Outstanding! (A plane is also involved somehow.)

Airbus A380 cockpit 29.01.2008
Airbus A380 cockpit

Incredible interactive view

MACH-5 A2: Fly Sydney to Brussels in 4hrs - Emissions Free!

In a hurry? Need to get from Sydney to Brussels in a dash? Not too far in the future you may be able to travel that entire distance in less than 4 hours - emissions free - thanks to an amazing hypersonic hydrogen jet project called LAPCAT. LAPCAT ...

Epic Elite

Epic Aircraft, a US-based small airplane manufacturing company is about to launch new models of its product line called LT, Victory, Escape and Elite in addition to its sole certified model 'Dynasty'. The Epic LT is a six-seater experimental turbo...