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TSA Warns Travelers Not To Smuggle Carry-On Items In Christmas Gift Wrap

Security screeners at LAX will apparently have zero tolerance for holiday cheer this Christmas.

Airport Security Searches Woman's Afro Hair for Explosives

Is it possible to hide weapons in your hair? The Transportation Security Administration thinks so.

Flight carrying  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg evacuated at Washington airport

A flight bound for San Francisco that carried U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to be evacuated at Dulles International Airport after the pilot noticed something was wrong with the engine.

Air Passenger Arrested For Not Turning Off Phone

Police in El Paso, Texas arrested a Southwest Airlines passenger on a flight from Phoenix after he refused to turn off his cell phone.

Airport Security Agents Find 7 Snakes, 3 Tortoises In Passenger's Pants

Miami International Airport has led the way in the latest technology for airport security. One airport passenger learned this the hard way when he was trying to sneak seven exotic snakes onto a plane…in his pants.

Woman Gropes Security Screeners' Breast at Airport Checkpoint

We hear a lot of complaints about security screeners groping airline passengers. But now, a Colorado woman is accused of putting her hands on a TSA agent at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.

Mother arrested after refusing to let airport security pat down daughter

A 41-year-old Clarksville woman was arrested after Nashville airport authorities say she was belligerent and verbally abusive to security officers, refusing for her daughter to be patted down at a security checkpoint.

Man Jailed for Tossing Peanuts, Pretzels On Flight

A Salt Lake City man has been arrested and jailed after authorities say he pelted a flight attendant with peanuts and pretzels on a Southwest Airlines plane from Los Angeles to Utah.

TSA orders woman, 95, to remove adult diaper during 45-minute security search

A woman has filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her elderly mother was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last weekend.

Southwest Airlines pilot suspended for whining about gay crew

Southwest Airlines was once well known for hiring only female flight attendants and dressing them in hot pants. At least one of its pilots apparently dislikes that it's not like that anymore.

TSA changes pat-down procedures for young kids

The government has made a change in its policy for patting down young children at airport checkpoints, and more are promised. Airport security workers will now be told to make repeated attempts to screen young children without resorting to invasiv...

Jets nearly collide at New York's JFK after pilot ignores air-traffic controller

Air traffic control tower audio conveys the frightening exchange between the tower at John F. Kennedy International Airport and a Lufthansa flight as the airbus came dangerously close to colliding with another jet.

Man flies US Airways in women's underwear

CBS San Francisco 23.06.2011
Man flies US Airways in women's underwear

Days before a San Francisco man was arrested on a US Airways flight over his saggy pants, the same airline allowed a man showing much more skin to fly.

Baggy Pants Cause Plane's Evacuation, Jail Time

RJ Middleton NBC Bay Area 17.06.2011
Baggy Pants Cause Plane's Evacuation, Jail Time

Can a baggy-pants fashion trend land you in jail and clear a plane before takeoff? It can in San Francisco International Airport.

Man tossed off flight after cursing

Maureen Feighan The Detroit News 14.06.2011
Man tossed off flight after cursing

A Brooklyn, N.Y., man who said he was thrown off a flight at Detroit Metro Airport on Sunday for cursing is considering suing the airline, calling the experience "humiliating."

Cruise passengers tell of seven-hour security 'revenge' nightmare

Andy Bloxham, and John Bingham Telegraph 08.06.2011
Cruise passengers tell of seven-hour security 'revenge' nightmare

Elderly passengers on board a luxury cruise have criticised US immigration officials after they endured a seven-hour security check.

Plane returns, fighter jets scrambled, after fight over reclined seat

Ashley Halsey III The Washington Post 01.06.2011
Plane returns, fighter jets scrambled, after fight over reclined seat

Before things got out of hand, it was a typical annoyance that happens once a flight gets airborne: A passenger hit the recline button and sent his seat intimately close to the lap of the guy sitting behind him. What followed wasn’t typical at all...

US to store passenger data for 15 years

Alan Travis The Guardian 26.05.2011
US to store passenger data for 15 years

The personal data of millions of passengers who fly between the US and Europe, including credit card details, phone numbers and home addresses, may be stored by the US department of homeland security for 15 years, according to a draft agreement be...

Oops. Bomb at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was only a drill

With their guns drawn, police surrounded a man who reportedly was trying to get through security at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with a bomb in a carry-on bag. It was a drill, but the trouble was no one had told the cops, who th...

TSA officer accused of stealing from suitcase

A Transportation Security Administration officer at LAX has been arrested for stealing from a traveler's suitcase.

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