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Record snow in Anchorage as Alaskan communities run out of shovels following 27ft snowfall... and there's more to come!

Weary Alaskans woke up to another heavy snowfall as Anchorage experiences its snowiest period since records began, causing more headaches in coastal areas already struggling to dig out.

Fresh round of hacked climate science emails leaked online

A fresh tranche of private emails exchanged between leading climate scientists throughout the last decade was released online on Tuesday. The unauthorised publication is an apparent attempt to repeat the impact of a similar release of emails on th...

Obama Administration Set to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns

Remember how Obama recently waived new ozone regulations at the EPA because they were too costly? Well, it seems that the Obama administration would rather make people with Asthma cough up money than let them make a surely inconsequential contribu...

Journal editor resigns over 'problematic' climate paper

The editor of a science journal has resigned after admitting that a recent paper casting doubt on man-made climate change should not have been published.

Second giant ice island set to break off Greenland glacier

New photographs taken of a vast glacier in northern Greenland have revealed the astonishing rate of its breakup, with one scientist saying he was rendered "speechless."

Asia pollution blamed for halt in warming: study

Smoke belching from Asia's rapidly growing economies is largely responsible for a halt in global warming in the decade after 1998 because of sulphur's cooling effect, even though greenhouse gas emissions soared, a U.S. study said on Monday.

Global warming means more snowstorms: scientists

Climate change is not only making the planet warmer, it is also making snowstorms stronger and more frequent, US scientists said on Tuesday.

Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years

Charles Q. Choi National Geographic 27.02.2011
Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years

Even a regional nuclear war could spark "unprecedented" global cooling and reduce rainfall for years, according to U.S. government computer models. Widespread famine and disease would likely follow, experts speculate.

South Korea chaos after 'heaviest' snowfall in more than century

The heaviest snowfall in more than a century on South Korea's east coast is causing widespread chaos.

35 zoo animals freeze to death in northern Mexico

Thirty-five animals at a zoo in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua have frozen to death during the region's coldest weather in six decades.

Climate change: Dogs of law are off the leash

From being a marginal and even mocked issue, climate-change litigation is fast emerging as a new frontier of law where some believe hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake.

Climate change study had 'significant error': experts

Kerry Sheridan Yahoo! News 19.01.2011
Climate change study had 'significant error': experts

A climate change study that projected a 2.4 degree Celsius increase in temperature and massive worldwide food shortages in the next decade was seriously flawed, scientists said Wednesday.

Have scientists discovered how to create downpours in the desert?

For centuries people living in the Middle East have dreamed of turning the sandy desert into land fit for growing crops with fresh water on tap. Now that holy grail is a step closer after scientists employed by the ruler of Abu Dhabi claim to have...

Climate scientists plan campaign against global warming skeptics

Neela Banerjee Los Angeles Times 07.11.2010
Climate scientists plan campaign against global warming skeptics

Faced with rising political attacks, hundreds of climate scientists are joining a broad campaign to push back against congressional conservatives who have threatened prominent researchers with investigations and vowed to kill regulations to rein i...

Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, speaks at a forum on climate change in Hong Kong.

Leaders and mayors from the world’s largest cities, including Toronto, New York City and Johannesburg, gathered in Hong Kong for a two-day forum on reducing carbon emissions blamed for global warming.

Heat probably killed thousands in Moscow: scientist

Dmitry Solovyov Reuters 18.08.2010
Heat probably killed thousands in Moscow: scientist

Several thousand Muscovites are thought to have died in July alone from this year's unprecedented heatwave and August could add more fatalities, a Russian scientist said on Tuesday.

Smog blankets Moscow on city's hottest day

Conor Humphries Alertnet 27.07.2010
Smog blankets Moscow on city's hottest day

Moscow sweltered on Monday through its hottest day since records began 130 years ago, as temperatures hit 37.4 degrees Celsius (99.3 degrees Farenheit) sparking peat fires that blanketed the city in smog.

Moscow heatwave breaks 29-year record

Moscow sweltered through its hottest day in almost 30 years on Thursday, a leading forecaster said, as a heatwave that has destroyed Russian crops over an area the size of Portugal showed no sign of abating.

Kansas heat wave has killed 2,000 cattle: state

The intense heat and humidity that blanketed central Kansas since late last week have killed more than 2,000 cattle and one state official called the heat-related losses the worst in his 17 years on the job.

Russia swelters amid drownings and drought

Russians sweltered Friday in the hottest weather since the Stalin era as droughts caused crop devastation across the country and hundreds drowned in bathing accidents often influenced by alcohol.

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