2000 year old tree, symbol of Christianity, cut down by vandals in UK

Legend has it that the rare thorn tree on a hill in southern England had ties to the earliest days of Christianity, and pilgrims often left offerings at its base. In more recent times, local children honored its current incarnation each year by cu...

Scientists Grow Plant From World's Oldest Seed

Jessica Berman VOA News 13.06.2008
Scientists Grow Plant From World's Oldest Seed

Until now, the oldest seed ever germinated was that of a 1,300-year-old lotus plant. But in this week's issue of Science, researcher Sarah Sallon of the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem and her colleagues describe their work with a 2,000...

Microbes found living at record 1.6km below seabed

Microbes have been found living at a record depth of 1.6 km (a mile) beneath the Atlantic seabed in a hint that life might also evolve underground on other planets, scientists said on Thursday.

150-year-old tree facing chop because council its needles

For 150 years, it has stood in splendid serenity on the village green, harming no one and pleasing many. Over the decades, the monkey puzzle tree at West Cross, near Swansea, became a much-loved local landmark.