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California could ban plastic foam containers

Restaurant owner Gary Honeycutt says a push in California’s Legislature to ban the plastic foam containers he uses to serve up takeout meals could cost him thousands of dollars in an industry where profit margins are razor thin.

Garbage truck cameras give new meaning to trash TV

Laura Baziuk, Postmedia News National Post 16.09.2010
Garbage truck cameras give new meaning to trash TV

Officials in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley plan to use camera-equipped garbage trucks to film what gets dumped in order to make sure people are recycling properly.

High-tech carts will tell on Cleveland residents who don't recycle ... and they face $100 fine

It would be a stretch to say that Big Brother will hang out in Clevelanders' trash cans, but the city plans to sort through curbside trash to make sure residents are recycling -- and fine them $100 if they don't.

Levy cuts use of plastic bags in Hong Kong by 90 per cent

Hong Kong shoppers have cut their use of plastic bags by 90 per cent since a levy was introduced on them last year in shops and supermarkets, the city's government said Monday.


Fast-food giant McDonald's has thrown out 400 million food containers, knives, forks and spoons in the past three years, according to environmental group Green Sense.

Refunds urged in plastic bags row

Kwok Ho-lum The Standard 10.08.2009

A campaign has been launched to try to make the government refund the 50-cent levy on plastic bags to consumers.


The first day of the environmental levy scheme on plastic shopping bags ran smoothly today, Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau says. However, he warned manufacturers not to circumvent the levy by prepackaging products.


The plastic bag levy has come into force, with some 2,800 shops charging their customers 50 cents for bags with handles. The shops include supermarket chains, convenience stores, and personal health and beauty shops.

Plastic bags levy scheme to start

news.gov.hk 06.07.2009

The environmental levy scheme on plastic shopping bags will commence on July 7, Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau says. He calls on shoppers to make Hong Kong green by bringing their own bags.


Oxfam Hong Kong has marked World Environment Day by telling people in the city that they have a moral responsibility to reduce the impact of climate change.

Plastic-bag levy to start in July

news.gov.hk 25.05.2009

Registered retailers must start charging customers not less than 50 cents for each shopping bag with handles starting July 7 under the environmental levy scheme on plastic shopping bags, Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau says.

Safety urged in ship recycling

Timothy Chui The Standard 12.05.2009

The International Maritime Organization is scrambling to pass a legally binding covenant on ship recycling before an expected surge in decommissioned vessels driven by the financial crisis.

Happy greens hail bag levy then target electronic junk

Timothy Chui The Standard 24.04.2009

Happy green groups hailed the passage of the plastic bag levy yesterday - then pushed the government to target electronic waste.

Many Plans to Curtail Use of Plastic Bags, but Not Much Action

WILLIAM YARDLEY The New York Times 24.02.2009

SEATTLE — Last summer, city officials here became the first in the nation to approve a fee on paper and plastic shopping bags in many retail stores. The 20-cent charge was intended to reduce pollution by encouraging reusable bags.

Ditch those plastic bags every day

Timothy Chui The Standard 19.02.2009

More than 2,000 stores are to implement a "no plastic bag" scheme seven days a week.

Children's Books Use Christmas to Push Global Warming Agenda

Jennifer Lawinski FOXNews.com 24.12.2008

Global warming alarmists, picking up where the Grinch left off, are trying to steal Christmas, some critics say. From children's books to school plays, the climate change crowd is dreaming of a green Christmas, angering opponents who say 'tis NOT ...

Paper Trail

June Ng HK-magazine.com 19.12.2008

Even lap sap ladies are getting fired due to the recession, writes June Ng.

Georgia county residents could face $500 fine for not recycling

While neighboring counties encourage recycling, Gwinnett County’s new solid waste management ordinance puts teeth into it. The ordinance provides for a civil fine of $500 for violations, which includes those who fail to “source separate residentia...

Seafood seafront serves up garbage feast

Timothy Chui The Standard 03.12.2008

Seafood hotspot Lei Yue Mun has been dubbed Hong Kong's dirtiest stretch of coastline after a clean-up event last month.

Plastic Bag Excuse for Economy

Living In Hong Kong 25.11.2008

The plastic bag levy will be in effect starting next year. The regulation will require about 2,000 selected outlets - mostly big supermarkets, convenience store chains and pharmacy or personal hygiene stores - to charge customers 50 HK cents per p...