Capture magical moments at Hong Kong Disneyland with Kodak

Photo buffs are set to enjoy a world of rewards this season as Kodak unveils its latest Capture the Magical Moment promo. Celebrating 125 years of leadership in film, imaging, and photography, Kodak gives consumers the chance to visit Hong Kong Di...

Beastly-beautiful industrial landscapes through the lens of Edward Burtynsky

The Canadian photographer comes full-circle back to Hong Kong where his fascination with Asia first began.

The Ultimate Israeli Photo: The Flag Is Torn

An entry to the photography competition "The Israelis" by ynet * M., an engineer, picked it as his best pick * The so-called "disengagement" -- the withdrawal from the Katif Region and its destruction -- tore Israeli unity *

6 Techniques to Reduce Camera Shake

Digital Photography School 27.06.2008
6 Techniques to Reduce Camera Shake

In this post photographer Natalie Norton explores 6 ways you can hand hold lenses at low apertures and low shutter speeds and still avoid blurry images caused by camera shake.

Pictured: Photographer's moment of madness as he leaps across 8ft gap in the Grand Canyon

This is the heart-stopping moment a daring photographer leapt between two rocky outcrops over the Grand Canyon - with drop of nearly a mile beneath him.

Best Pictures Awards 07.03.2008
Best Pictures Awards

The Best Pictures On the New Awards

Makeup goes HD

Heather Toscan CNEWS 18.02.2008
Makeup goes HD

In the new world of high definition, blu_ray cosmetics come to the rescue

Sony World Nature Photography Awards

Stephen Adams Telegraph 17.02.2008
Sony World Nature Photography Awards

The shortlist for the World Photography Awards has been announced. A total of 25,934 amateur photographs and 44,641 professional pictures were submitted. Here are the shortlisted photos in the Nature category. The winners will be announced on 24 A...

The Sartorialist's Street Style

Reuel Golden pdnonline 15.02.2008
The Sartorialist's Street Style

Scott Schuman, who otherwise goes by the name The Sartorialist, is something of a fashion phenomenon. Schumann is a 15-year-old veteran of the fashion industry with a background in sales and marketing in high-end women's clothing.

In pictures: World Press Photo 2008

From Texas to Sydney and Mozambique to the Middle East, the World Press Photo awards honour the best in photo-journalism.